Xanathar's Guide to Cleavin' a Goblin Clean in Twain (feat. D&D)


As someone who’s DMed for a lot of first time players, sometimes they need a wee bit of tactical prodding until they get comfortable. However I’m usually too disorganized to keep tabs on everyone’s spells and equipment. One of my experienced players usually steps up to help out.


I paraphrased a bit, but in this case it was more along the lines of “yes I’ve thought of this (getting infinite potions via the magic tankard) and yes I’m cool with it”


Is there any kind of alchemy system for 5e, beyond making health potions? It’s in-character for my guy to brew up weird elixirs but I feel like there isn’t any “alchemy minigame” in D&D, and it’s just one of those things that’s left to the DM.


there’s an Unearthed Arcana system that’s fun as a side-thing, I’ll look it up

edit: couldn’t find it, I thought it was in Touch of Class (which also has the Noble class, which doesn’t fight but heals people by crying nobly on them, and the Tarot Card Captor) but didn’t see anything

Found this wild magic sorcery-ish one: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/subclasses/12024-alchemist


dunno bout yal but found a GREAT web app called Legends and Worlds that’s like a combination of twine and a wiki for keeping track of DND settings or planning fantasy novels

it can kind of break sometimes but it’s GREAT


Anyone have a tool they used to make maps for Roll20? I’m imagining any kind of tile-based map making tool for any video game could be used (say, Warcraft II map maker), then you just take a screenshot of it and fit it to the Roll20 grid.

One friend suggested mapeditor.org.


If you just want simple gridmaps, I have used mipui for dungeon maps

For world maps and more aesthetic stuff, I use Hexkit with the Pixel tileset and photoshop, but those are non free options.


i wanna be a kobold


DM: “Do you have the Religion skill?”
Player: sound of sucking through teeth
other player: “…aren’t you a Paladin?”


In one of the campaigns I’m doing, I have a bizarre in-joke with one of the players where we call Beyblades “Bakugans”, exclusively because we love saying the word “Bakugan.”

This last session, one of the players owned a whole Beyblade set and brought it over as kind of a joke. Since it turns out Beyblade rules, we’ve incorporated it into the campaign as an in-universe game crafted by gnomes called Dragon Tops.

We can now ask random NPCs “Hey. You rip?” and sometimes sidebar into a round of The King’s Game for gp. You basically assemble a top and pull a rip cord in a plastic arena and watch them smash into each other till one explodes.

Basically the whole challenge system works like Tetra Master in FF9. I’ll get through a particularly delightful interaction with a haggard human druid, get a lead on our mystery, then sorta glance both ways, lower my voice a bit, and be all, “Hey. You uh… you rip?” and he’s like, “Hell yeah I rip,” and off we go.

Anyways the next day we were playing Splatoon and made this:


I wrote an RPG today for the Sad Mech Jam

Check it out, I’m proud of it. I think I managed to make something good. Do you want to play a game thats about examining the consequences of trauma? This is the game to play.


the law of creating factions seems to be that one always ends with, ‘rebels’


My clever idea is that they can be rebels against the other 5 factions independently so even two players playing rebel factions can be playing two wholly different factions


There’s never not rebels somewhere!


gonna try and go into this the real way finally with fifth edition this friday.
had a player pull some kinda shady shit and decided cool ending or not to end my current thing prematurely

we’re doing a campaign riffing on the adventure zone i guess, with help from the brewer where i work.

the general conceit is that players will be working for a requisitions department at a tavern that specializes in rare and mythical alcohol so i’ll get to flex on players with beer knowledge

crowdsourcing tips on how to write my first DND thing not based on the roleplaying game i played for fifteen years i guess

also the dms guide is siqq, got some helpful tips. now i’m addicted to rolling up kingdoms with the table rules in the DMs guide


I wrote a bunch of words in the No Rangers Allowed discord about Dice Pools and figured other people might want to read them

I honestly like dice pools more than any other dice mechanic because there’s so much you can do to them

you can store dice, you can make sets of them, you can have special dice, you can have entire mechanics on how and when extra dice are added

storing as in taking dice you already rolled and saving them to use in a later roll

and its all TACTILE

you’re moving something physical around

you can split pools as in Agon

where the combat system has you split your combat die pool between offense and defense

you hold each pool in a different hand matching up with your weapon and shield!

the main drawback is that probabilities are generally… less intuitive but players don’t need exact probabilities, only the designer should know and study that stuff

all players know that more dice will be better

you can have dice with meaning based on color as in shrugs game or don’t rest your head or mutant: year zero

you can have dice be spent like a resource even

as in imp of the perverse

What are your favorite dice mechanics? Is anyone as opinionated about this?


it’s not an rpg, but i like how dice work in battle ball. each player type uses a different kind of die, and they use the same one for movement and combat. when you roll to move, you go the number of spaces you rolled. for combat, each player rolls and the lowest number wins.
so the fastest players use a d20, meaning they’ll usually be able to run really far, but they’re unlikely to knock down or survive a hit from a player that uses a d6


Have you played Terry Cavanagh’s Dicey Dungeons prototype? It’s quite good at honing a feeling of ‘likely probability’ within your dice, making them seem more trustable than you normally expect.


Unlike the treacherous Tharsis, where dice can only be counted on to screw you. Unfortunately Tharsis is static enough that it doesn’t gain much over a hypothetical paper version.


obviously gigantic d6 pools are the best because the 300+ d6 I brought to test the game I’ll never finish almost weren’t enough :frowning:


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