Xanathar's Guide to Cleavin' a Goblin Clean in Twain (feat. D&D)


Tharsis looks like its part of the “dice placement” genre and there is a lot I can say about that genre but it belongs in the board game thread


I agree, I ended up editing the post to toss it in there as the most recent notable digital dice game


You can get dice pools in d&d, you just have to play as a wizard and cast fireball a bunch

It’s weird that the most not-melee class might be the most tactile? I specifically bought some big meaty d6s to use when I started playing a wizard! You just roll so many dice! Which is probably why they overpower everything mechanically too. Oh no is dnd too simulationist for its own good as a game with magic?

Everyone needs to roll more heavy polyhedra! The lack of physical dice is literally the only thing I don’t like about playing over roll20!


Anyone ever play an Illusionist in 5e? Trying to think of a way to make a class that deals in distraction and misdirection, but isn’t useless in combat.

I’d guess it would be a Wizard class, for starters.

One of the groups I play with is starting a new campaign on an island where cat-folk and bug-folk and the two main races. Was thinking of making a moth-themed bug person whose theme was to use magic for misdirection, in a way that’s thematically similar to the way moths pretend they’re big sets of eyes or leaves or other bugs.

Something like this deaths-head moth guy but not as edgy:


Make it edgier imo. Edge moths is a really funny idea


I’d go bard! Bard’s have a ton of illusion magic and can get into a physical scrap or two. Plus you can get a ton of skills the help with disguises, lying, sneaking, and anything else you might need to pull a fast one.


That’s a thought. I played one once and wasn’t blown away, but, that character was also a multi-class with a rogue, so I don’t think I got as much out of it as I should’ve.

It was basically The Thing from The Thing, with the “fake” form I was introduced as being a human bard, and the “real” form being the monstrosity shapeshifter (rogue).

I do like the idea of the moth guy’s ‘instrument’ being that he rubs his lower forearms together to make cricket-like music.


The more I think about it, the more I lean towards Illusionist Wizard. They’re definitely weaker and more potentially useless, but I can actually run with the theme of the deceiver and create fake walls or pits on the battlefield. Gives more creative challenge.

With Bard it feels harder to make them do anything truly unexpected.


Lore Bards have all those wizard spells too, may take a bit longer to get them though.


Illusionist Wizard is good

Malleable Illusions

Starting at 6th level, when you cast an illusion spell that has a duration of 1 minute or longer, you can use your action to change the nature of that illusion (using the spell’s normal parameters for the illusion), provided that you can see the illusion.

this level 6 ability for an illusionist wizard is probably the best class feature for ‘wants to use illusions creatively’


I can’t speak to 5e, but I’ve played an Illusionist in a 1e campaign for the last 9 years. It has been a lot of fun and I doubt anything has changed fundamentally regarding what an Illusionist does since 1e. Sometimes my attempts at misdirection are ineffective, but other times they have a dramatic impact.

One of my favorites was making an invisible mind flayer that I could see visible to the rest of the party by making an illusion to mimic its actions.


Oh that is good.


if I played dnd I would either try to make my character as useless for combat as possible, or if it was a campaign with very little combat, only useful for combat


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I glanced through and I think what I’d be most interested in is the adventures, actually. You know, for that D&D campaign I’ll never run.


In my opinion this was the best looking bundle, probably the one I’ll pick up


I am currently a level 5 Totem Warrior(Thunderbeast) Barbarian.

here are my stats:

Would it be a PARTICULARLY bad idea to take a level in Divine Soul (Good) Sorcerer? I have a good opportunity to make it make sense narrative-wise, so that’s not a problem.

I know casting while raging wouldn’t be possible, but that’s fine, I can work with that


I’ve got a Barbarian/Cleric character is probably strategically horrenous, but that I absolutely adore playing as, so I can only say that if it fits the character, do it.


Yeah generally my opinion is that the weirder and dumber the character the better and if your DM punishes your combat ineffectiveness by making you lose all the time then fuck him