Wii U Post-Mortem

Games I own, or would like to own, for Wii U:

Zombi U
Pikmin 3
Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker
Tanks! Tanks! Tanks!
Game & Wario
Nintendo Land
Kirby and the Rainbow Curse
Super Smash Bros. for Wii U
Wii Fit U
Yoshi’s Woolly World
Bayonetta 2
Paper Mario: Color Splash
Mario Cart 8
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Maker

Earthbound Beginnings

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I guess Zelda too

yep you got it, thread over


I mean I could say stuff like being able to play on the little screen is great when other people need to use the TV. It was one of the main reasons i got a vita. So I could do it with PS4

I was so pissed when they announced Woolly World on 3DS. One less Wii U exclusive to make the Wii U a little shittier. Also the 3DS version comes with like exclusive claymation animation. I have never felt more betrayed.


Pokken Tournament
Xenoblade Chronicles X
The Wonderful 101
Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

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My post-mortem is that the emulation efforts made on the system have been more interesting than the system itself for a while, and I say this as someone with their PC and Wii U currently hooked up to the same display

I own

Mario Kart 8

I never really got into this one. It’s very pretty!!

Yoshi’s Woolly World

This game reminded me that Yoshi’s Story is the only Yoshi game I truly like. The games aren’t bad by any means, but they never clicked with me. I still had some fun with it.

New Super Mario Bos Wii-U

MORE OF THE SAME which is okay with me. The whole game should have had that nightsky look though.

Mario World 3D

SUPER DUPER FUN I am well ready for another 64/sunshine style adventure game though.


Loved the solo levels so much that I bought the amiibo just to access the remixes of them. Multiplayer also had me hooked for a long time.

Mario Maker

Made some levels I’m proud of, loved playing levels by my friends. I played this for a long time. Reason I bought a Wii-U.


I still haven’t played this yet

Devil’s Third

Devil’s turd

Game & Wario

I really like some of the minigames here! But it doesn’t feel like a warioware game and the games aren’t fleshed out enough. I’d still recommened it if you see it cheap though. 9-volts minigame is genius.

Wind Waker HD

my first experience with this game,and it was great. I probably wouldnt have made it through without the changes.

Kirby Rainbow Curse

a beautiful, chill little game.

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oh i have some e-shop games i got from a humble bundle too but havent spent much time with them

I double checked my shelf and I also have the NES remix pack

You mean the Musou one, right?

Did I ever post that TANK! TANK! TANK! review in which I compard the game to EDF on old sb? Probably.

Did anyone play that SMT x FE crossover jarpeegee?

This guy loves it: http://scathingaccuracy.com/reviews/372-tokyo

I played the shit out of TANK TANK TANK with my brother in the arcades, but it’s just not the same on wii-u. Plus they made it all microtransactiony, just let me buy the full friggin game

The Pictionary-style minigame Sketch was a hit with every group I played it with, so of course Nintendo didn’t make anything else like it. See also Mario Chase and Luigi’s Ghost Mansion.

They kept flirting with neat ideas for the second screen, but they never really invested in it. Even the touchscreen was neglected for three years until Mario Maker.

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So, I have one of these now and I am researching what I might eventually want to get for it.

I already have the new Zelda game, so I guess I will try that out. These are some other games that I think I would like to get:

  • Pikmin 3
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze (especially after learning from the SB Wiki that David Wise did the music).
  • Earthbound (I’ve still never played it; I’d been holding out for a VC release on the original Wii rather than simply settling for playing on an emulator, but that never happened)
  • Yoshi’s Woolly World and Kirby and the Rainbow Curse look like they could be entertaining.

I also got Super Mario 3D World along with the console, but I was kind of shocked at how bad it looks. I played about five minutes and I don’t think I will return to it. I just can’t get over the ugly visual design. And it doesn’t help that the intro couldn’t have been more banal. But I don’t know what I was expecting. The Mario series pretty much lost me when it went 3D (though not because of the 3D itself). I’ll just play 3 or World again whenever I feel like playing a Mario game.

Some of the others mentioned in this thread sound like they could be decent, but I get the impression that some of them might have more value simply because there is such a meager library.

I am also wondering whether, if I use that transfer feature, even the VC games that are available on both platforms will be stuck in that Wii menu.

I think I will use this as an excuse to play Silent Hill: Shattered Memories again.

If you’re not feeling 3D World I’m not sure you’d enjoy Yoshi; they both trade in Nintendo’s ‘delight’ aesthetic (tiny secrets everywhere keeping up a rapport between designer and player) and are willing to cope with half-hearted movement/action feel to support it.

I found nu-Donkey Kong Country unbearable. I really enjoy the Rare SNES games as bouncy, flowing action platformers (with killer music). These have controls one button too complex, I hate the jump arc and roll arc, and the level design is focused on setpiece mechanics; very well-built and clever but also very likely to kill you on the first go. It’s extremely frustrating if you try to play it with the run button in a way I haven’t felt from other platformers.

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pikmin 3 is the best action game - in the macro, structural sense- since the village from re4

kirby blows but captain toad is quite good

nintendoland’s versus games are phenomenal

There was a pretty good Game Maker’s Toolkit recently about the level design in Tropical Freeze:

boy do I disagree with that! They are, on paper, very well-thought-out: there’s cohesive narratives running through each level and you see consequences of earlier segments return and riff off each other.

Surprise is the name of the game

This is very true, but I think the controls and timing aren’t smooth enough to make it work for me. In Mario they’re cleaner about letting you build up on a mechanic (the recognizable introduction, repetition, complication, integration cycle). In DK, the setpieces and levels are dense enough that I can’t

Maybe it’s density. It’s as though they diligently went through each level, adding and deepening everything, but never stepped back and subtracted to make the player’s moment-to-moment focused on the level’s ideas. The fire level in the video, for example (I played it last week), has all these great examples of fire but it’s also stuffed with enemies right on the edge of platforms or one odd one that can’t be jumped on or birds swooping in your desired jump angle and most of my problems were with them and not managing flaming rope jumps or off of falling trees.

This is a tricky one because everything should be great but I hate playing this game.


This sounds right.

tip re: 3D World – try to get a couple friends to play the early levels with, the level design starts out at the point of “so easy that it’s only fun co-op” and eventually progresses to “I don’t think I know anyone who wants mario to be this challenging”

I would actually set the game aside until you have people who want to run through the early part with you, it’s a shame to waste those levels on a single player