Wii Shop Last Call


While the Wii Shop will be open until January 2019, Monday, March 26 is the last day they’ll let you buy Wii points to actually pay for anything. So functionally it’s the final week for the Wii Shop.

I signed in today to finally grab FF4: The After Years and all the DLC and Contra Rebirth. I’ll probably grab something pro keys friendly for my beloved Wii Rockband 3 as well.

Listen to that sweet background music while you still can.

Adventures in Wii hacking

Is this for both the regular shop and wiiware? I don’t remember how those were separated exactly. Onslaught is a great fps and castlevania rebirth is pretty good and has excellent music obviously

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Yeah, it’s everything. The store’s divided into WiiWare, Virtual Console, and Channels. Any games that have in-game DLC purchases are on the same system.


Monster World 4 has its official english translation on HD consoles but iirc My Life In Gaming mentioned that the wii version is the only one that runs in 240p? if that’s a thing you think about and you also prefer an official translation to the fan trans and other such loyalty things then hey that’s a brilliant game, one of my absolute faves

alternatively, cubello was nice, imo

fake edit: actually, here’s the MLIG video, there are a number of notes they have about the unique and advantageous emulation qualities on the wii eshop that are worth considering (brace for youtube gamers, though)

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My Wii is modded so I am pretty sure I can’t even open the Wii shop. Oh well

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please everyone play You, Me & the Cubes

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One thing that rubbed me the wrong way in the fan translation is the way your dad talks to you in the intro. Look it up but he like seriously belittles you. And speaking of the wii version of monster world 4, I just found out the other day that they somehow turned that version into a rom that works in a mega drive emulator. How crazy is that?? Does that mean it was always just a rom, and so m2 hacked in the translation? Does that mean they hacked in those challenge rooms in the ps3/360 versions???

Anyway wii shop channel. First time I ever bought a digital good. They made the experience of sitting around waiting for something download mysterious and exciting, what with that little Mario animation. I bought like four or five virtual console games total, and every single one (except ys) i ended up buying later at a flea market for like a dollar each so that was a bummer.

I seriously loved castlevania the adventure rebirth, the music was especially great. Contra looked kind of wack while gradius just seemed redundant. Was always curious about you me and the cubes.

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that’s pretty much how everything M2 does works out to, the most extreme example being the Fantasy Zone 2 reimagining they did to bring it up to System 16 specs. it actually got put on real System 16 hardware, then the rom got dumped and you can play that in Mame

also the MLIG guys are cool, I won’t have anyone talking smack about guys who want to educate the masses about RGB


The same thing got did with the Wii U VC Super Mario Advance 4 that had all the e-reader levels pre-installed! And the Star Fox 2 rom from the SNES Mini. Truly we are monsters.

The technical stuff is super great but I’m gonna give these guys a wedgie for that overly sentimental outro music.

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americans just discovering rgb is the cutest thing


I’m only half way through but old game collector YouTube is somewhat more manageable than I imagined. If this were done with the sheen of a sincere cable access thing and not a carefully crafted serious youtuber thing, I think I’d be way in.

I’m the kind of person who perks up when we’re talking 240p though.

Gonna vouch for Castlevania Rebirth, and Water Warfare as my WiiWare favs. If anyone else cares about VC, Rondo of Blood and Sin and Punishment get my seal of approval.

From what I’ve played of Contra Rebirth, it feels properly Contra and has a pseudo version of Alien Wars’ 16-bit bombast.

How are those remakes of the GBA Bit Generations games?


just imagine I put a really sick burn against 50 hz here


All of the Rebirth games are very cool.

I’m not sure why it never clicked but I don’t think I ever realized Dolphin can play Wiiware games.

What’s up with that Blaster Master game what’s that about? I feel like I have had this thought before. There’s an Excitebike game? What is all this trash?

These are my new fav genre of youtube vidz

Hey look I found some new unreleased beta footage of highly anticipated action adventure game Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

Orbient is good

I started a torrent download of the entire wiiware collection and after watching that clip video I will cancel it.


Excitebike World Rally was done by Monster Games (Excitetruck) and I liked it a lot.


yeah the Excitebike WR had value, but the Blaster Master game was apparently quite ugly and bad, shame

I played Pole no Daibouken and it was not actually that charming! Greater crate diggers than I may enjoy it but I found the gags not being funny without translation (and possibly bad even with).

Jett Rocket was okay, but not exceptional. It had better production values than most wiiware games, unfortunately for the overall quality of the channel.

god im sorry there’s nothing to salvage here (except the VC if you are a CRT enthusiast)

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I just played the first two stages of Castlevania Rebirth again in 240p and wow what a game. Like if the Turtles in Time team made a Super CV 5 for the SuperFX2.


I remember always being curious about that final fantasy game about building a kingdom and the partner game about being a cute netherworld overlord raising monsters to defend your tower.

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The Art Style games are the Wii’s update of the GBA Bit Generations series. They are all both visually and aurally gorgeous. My favorite was Cubello, probably for the wrong reasons as I was never able to find a way to beat a stage without getting stuck in a frustrating loop for a while waiting to match up the right block color, but I kept playing for the text-to-speech announcer and music that added weird layers to build tension as you got near the end of a stage


everybody please blast this through your house for several hours at least !!!


My Life as a Darklord is a decent game, though I lost interest before finishing it. Or maybe it got too difficult–it’s been so long I don’t remember for sure.

Orbient is my favorite Wiiware game that I can’t easily play on another platform. I liked all of the Art Style games.

I also enjoyed LIT, though I found it frustrating in places.

Bust a Move Plus is a pretty good version of that game, though the PS2 version is still the one I’d recommend most highly.