what megaman game should i play first

On a totally different note: I have never played a Megaman game, and all these collections coming out are making me curious. Which are the best / unmissable Meg games to play today?


I think the general consensus is 2 & 3 are the best?
Some folks (like me) enjoy Megaman X a lot, and I think the zero games are flawed but interesting. You definitely can’t go wrong with 2 & 3 though, as a place to start.


I thought about it and honestly the second Megaman Legacy Collection is the one to get with 7-8-9-10-&Bass.


My reasoning is if you are coming at it fresh L1 with 1-6 is too much of the same thing. There are just tiny variations from 2-6. X Collection is slightly better but really X1 is the best in the series. And X Collection 2 is just weird failures. Legacy 2 you get the SNES, the just too much 8, and then the well thought out 9 and the too thought out 10.

Legacy 2 is going to be the best angle to get an opinion about the series.


Thanks. But which are the best episodes of the series, regarless of where they are “packaged” ?

I almost want to argue for 3 but I recognize that’s mainly my affection for ride armor and Vile’s design talking.

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i sort of think mega man 1 is overlooked, but otherwise yeah it’s probably 2 and x1

i’m very fond of the zeroes too but maybe they’re more their own thing, and i also haven’t really engaged with them in a long time


I’m really curious how the GBA games hold up. I honestly think a lot of games for the GBA never hit my radar bc I just couldn’t stand playing games on that thing

2, 3, and X1.

In the 10 years since release I think everyone has cooled on 9 and 10.


I don’t particularly care for the original Megaman series but X1 cannot be missed IMO

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Mega Man 3, Mega Man 6, Mega Man X, Mega Man Battle Network 3 Blue, Mega Man Battle Network 6, Mega Man ZX, Mega Man ZX Advent

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megaman battle network is the only megaman series ive actually beaten games from

i * want* to like megaman x, or any of the ‘good games’ but megaman is a game about bossfights that you have to repeat all in a row later and like, theres nothing more repulsive to me than fighting bosses in square rooms over and over. oh they’re made easy if you use the right weapon, well then why arent the stages in fucking order? whats the point of me even picking them? like in megaman x stages are almost unbeatable unless you do a different stage first, so stage select is a fucking lie. also they’re long enough without the wileys parts. its more boss fights.

the first level of megaman x is great though, its got all this deteriorating terrain and cool music and sets up the story really well

tl:dr i suck at games and boss fights can blow me. OH I REALLY LIKED THE INFINITE LEVEL FROM MEGA MAN 9 I THINK, the one where you just go forever… but if it had boss fights then its ruined


Somewhat – but I still think they’re the best after the ones you’ve mentioned.

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agree, feels tight and relatively barebones vs the amount of shit in some of the later games

didn’t play any of these until i was into my twenties after hearing for years what a big part of The American Childhood they were and 1-3/x1 had the biggest impact


Mega Man is essentially proto Dark Souls so this checks


I’ve never really liked the boss weakness thing in Mega Man games where if you have a faq open it utterly trivializes every fight. In the same vein though, I’ve always liked trying to beat everyone with just the mega buster so I appreciate that that’s a semi “challenge” run type of thing to do.


late to this, but my favorites to try first are:

MM2 & MM3. MM9 is also very good.

MMX1 & MMX2 & MMX4.

these are the ones that, if you’ve never played a Mega Man game before, i’d say you should try first.

this doesn’t mean that there aren’t other games in the series i think are phenomenal (i love MMX3, but it’s probably too much if you’ve never played the X games; i love MM8, but consensus on that one varies wildly; i think all the NES MM games are actually very good).

gonna have to contradict Rude, though, and say that i really dislike MM7 on the SNES.


Ahh. The exact moment when git gud goes bad.

i think stage select was interesting when it was one of the few videogames that allowed you to do that. plus it was exciting to be able to at least see all the stages even if you weren’t good.

second, i feel like boss weaknesses were meant for playground talk.


MM2 has Metal Man. Therefore it is the best.