VR SUCKS... or does it???

I picked up some move controllers and played through Deracine! it’s really beautiful and restrained. it’s sooo FromSoft but nice to have a ‘soft’ game from them.


Pretty sure it’s called Superhot VR because you’re dripping with sweat ten minutes after you started playing

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I got SUPERHOT VR because I fully understand why it is The Canonical VR Game. What other PC-based VR games are must-plays? Or at least demonstrate interesting paradigms in movement and interaction?

Eg, Pavlov’s combination of out-of-body locomotion with teleportation is aesthetically jarring but is a neat solution to a conflict between mechanics and ergonomics that many games entirely side-step.


Sprint Vector is the other one

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I gave my Rift to my brother and got a Rift S. It is much more comfortable and convenient. They had Lenovo manufacture it which appears to be why they could just straight-up copy the PSVR headband design. The tracking with cameras in the headset is better and the LCD, though a single QHD panel, is much crisper, to where I can comfortably use virtual desktop and read text in Elite. The stereoscopic passthrough camera is perfect for anything more than 6” from your nose.

We are gonna dig into the multiplayer hijinks and comedy potential, but also space sims tbh.

I was going to pick up Sprint Vector but it appears to have no multiplayer population, as is the fate of all non-free multiplayer VR things.

I Expect You To Die has a gorgeous Saul Bass-style credit sequence that makes me want more plain animation to watch.

I got To The Top, Sairento (which appears to be Revengeance in VR, RIP my inner ear), and Budget Cuts, will report back.

once again I get to say in response to you that I bought the early version of your product that later became successful!

yeah I like my lenovo explorer a lot still. it was so cheap before the rest of these were cheap! and the tracking just works!

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It’s a shame that you can’t find them with the controllers anymore. I think most of the MR headsets are “out of print.”

Hopefully the Rift S gets cheap when the Index ships. I love the idea of knuckles controllers but it’s a steep cost to track six infrequently used digits.

It’s odd that the Quest doesn’t just let you plug it in to a PC, and sad that many Quest owners are setting up HEVC streams of Steam VR games.

I got an Oculus Quest. It straddles that weird area between This Is For Nerds and This Is For Everyone.

The good thing is that I can just put the thing on my face and it works - no setup, no wires, just…works. Also I’m not paranoid about tripping over wires constantly! This fits my general style as a human - I like to do things at the drop of a hat, and I don’t want to do them for very long. It’s awesome.

Another good thing: The damn thing runs on Android so you can just side load shit. There are quite a few bizarre things you can put on it, including knockoffs of Beat Saber, weird museums, a musical instrument, etc. You can also side load a Virtual Boy Emulator (that was recently updated to work with the Quest controllers) and it just…works. It’s amazing.

Another other good thing: You can get it to run PC games super easily if, like me, you have an AMD card that supports VR and ReLive. There are other solutions but none worked as well for me. Granted, it is not as good as having a wired headset - we’re talking about compressed video here, with a tiny bit of lag on the controls. I will say that the head motion is actually pretty good - was not noticeably different than a native app.

Here’s the bad: The Oculus ecosystem sucks. They have like 30 games or less now and some are more costly than I thought they would be. It’s also a low-powered machine, so it’s not going to run the same things a PC could. Wirelessly streaming from PC sort of makes up for this, but it is still not great when I think about taking it on the road or just generally away from my PC.

Still, this is the VR I’ve been waiting for. It’s easy to setup, it’s easy to show off to people, there are no wires, and it has Superhot. And a fishing game.

Like, I can just go fishing for 15 minutes between meetings. That rules.

So like, I think it IS in a weird place, but it’s where it needs to be to show VR to as many people as possible. And the fact that it has garbage free-to-play Android games is a good thing. VR is all about diversions and toys, IMO, so more of that please.

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My thoughts on VR in general so far: I haven’t met a game yet that has made me want to finish it other than SuperHot. We’ll see if that continues to be the case, but I’m pretty okay with it anyway. I mainly wanted to get something so I could see weird shit, not spend 100 hours on Assassin’s Creed But Now You’re An Awkward Idiot.

Yeah, I think it’s important to tailor VR games to the length of time people can stand to keep the headset on.

Interestingly I think the somewhat longer length of PSVR titles is justifiable under this, because Sony made a more comfortable headset. And the better design of the Vive Index has pushed me to longer games, as well.


How’s the Quest in terms of comfort? I found the bike helmet design of the Lenovo Explorer/PSVR/Rift S much more comfortable than the first Rift because it distributes the weight around your head.

It’s a shame you can’t just tether it to your PC over a cable but it’s gotta be a bandwidth issue on the Snapdragon SoC they’re using.

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I find it to be pretty comfortable, but Alicia said it felt front-heavy. I have a big head though so I’m used to it!! But yeah, not getting any strange neckaches or headaches or anything, but it is definitely front-heavy.

If it can handle the video data wirelessly, why not wired? I honestly don’t understand how this stuff works.

Oculus almost certainly does not want anyone using this wired, though. They already blocked one app (virtual desktop) from officially supporting Steam VR. I think they’re trying to get everyone on their ecosystem permanently.

They’d need room on the chip bus to accommodate Displayport in addition to USB. I read that they’re pushing it with the camera array already, so I’m guessing it’s not trivial to do and probably unlikely to happen with jailbreaking.

well that bodes well for our 30-ish hour game huh

(I definitely agree with you and am mad that I am working on this game)

I haven’t found a way to wear this thing that makes it feel like it’s sitting just right on my head because the strap design is not a good way to keep something balanced

so I am stuck between having the straps way too tight and feeling like I’m in A Clockwork Orange in That One Scene or everything’s too loose and I have to push the headset back up to a normal height like a prototypical nerd would push their glasses up

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I need a SB opinion on those VR Mame Arcades.

This looks pretty good…


honestly the first company to make a game in which you decorate an apartment and invite other people to see your apartment will have Solved Virtual Reality

It’s fun to “walk” around, but any virtual screen in VR is going to look blurry because of the resolution. Virtual cabinets are better than e.g. a virtual theater screen because they’re smaller and displaying low resolution games, but it’s still underwhelming for Actually Playing.

That’s… Oculus Home. And it’s really boring.

I might have accidentally just revealed my feelings on virtual reality born of having worked on those games for too long lol


I’ll make sure I’ve got it working for you at SBCon, Rudie