VR SUCKS... or does it???

I’ve wondered for years why video games have been so slow to do much with virtual reality. I had a chance to play Dactyl Nightmare and another VR game back in the 1990s, and I could see a lot of good potential there. Did the weak sales of Virtual Boy scare everyone off?

I knew that I’d probably want to get a PS4 sometime soon after the release of Dark Souls 3 (or at least in time for The Last Guardian), but now I’m very interested in this Rez Infinite I heard about the other day. Rez seems to be a perfect candidate for VR, and I hope to see some other interesting VR titles as well. I just hope the peripheral isn’t prohibitively expensive.

Apparently they are also building one (and only one) “Synesthesia Suit” for use with Rez Infinite, an extension of the old Trance Vibrator.

I’m actually fairly excited about rez infinite, I hope the old trance vibe is still supported!

I read nothing but positive impressions from the lucky few who got to do Rez in the suit at PSX. VR in general I’m still a bit iffy on since there’s still some issues that need to be worked out in terms of both perception and control, but Rez is the most perfect fit in the world for VR from just a conceptual standpoint that I can’t hate it. It’s going to have a non-VR mode anyway so fuck yeah Rez in more HD regardless.

i like when developers make the same game over and over until its perfecct, like they had ideas that were too ambitious but here we are in the future and now those ideas can come true

i imagine rez was originally concepted as a vr thing, just from how it feels

so yes, of course i got that hype

I’m hearing reports that Ace Combat 7 is not only “exclusive to Playstation 4” but is also exclusive to Playstation VR, which is making me pipeface pretty hard, tbqh.

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otoh, this would make cockpit-cam probably a bit more immersive.
i’ve been playing this way in Zero/5/6 and it never felt as natural as e.g. in a racing game. idk why, but somehow it always remained an illusion rather than immersing myself, something I can do in racing games/sims.

Of course, being forced to buy VR for one/two (in my case) games isn’t nice, but if that’d help making AC7 a better experience, I’d at least welcome it with a

“do you know the three kind of aces?”

Right now PS4 VR is probably the only financially feasible option I’m going to have but there’s going to have to be some real compelling shit available for it.

But fuck yeah more Rez


games i really want to play in VR:

  • Jumping Flash
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To be perfectly honest, if Sony announced Jumping Flash as a PSVR launch title or pack-in, I would put up whatever ridiculous amount of money they want to charge for the thing

The fact that someone from the press has already suggested the game to Shuhei Yoshida, head of Sony studios worldwide, makes me happy.

Jumping Flash 2 was the game that convinced me that games with 3D graphics could actually be worth playing despite how ugly so many of them looked. It would be a perfect candidate for VR.

Also, LSD: The Dream Emulator. Experimental things such as Bernband would be fun, too.

Games I really want to play in VR:


this seasons technology without an actual use case

I’m excited for VR but mostly because I want it to become some sort of new arena for demosceners doing crazy immersive audiovisual things

as far as me wanting to interact with things in VR, rez infinite might be the only thing I can really muster any excitement for after trying out a cheaper headset (google cardboard-esque) and using the controller to turn my head accidentally and getting a migraine that lasted for the rest of the day

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I’m convinced somebody is going to die wearing one of these god damn things.


I agree, with Rez being in that category already. I can imagine what productions by groups such as Farbrausch could be like.


I want to play The Entertainment.

Also hypothetically not need a computer monitor. Would I lose my mind if I did Tableau viz work in VR?

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Even Kentucky Route Zero in VR would be interesting as a kind of tilt shift over-looking sort of thing. Not sure if I have the stomach for many first person experiences in VR, texting on the bus makes me queasy…