Video Games in 2023

Curious if Forza Motorsport 8 (or whatever they decide to call it) is coming out this year … just asking, def not because it should have been a 2021 title iirc? If YES, that would probably be a candidate to consider for wiping the floor with GT7 (yeaah i will refrain from GT7 hating here, but Spoiler: I Was Not Impressed).

EDF6 (localization pleaseeeee)!

Maybe we will get an upscaled We Love Katamari this year?

… and wasn’t there another Platinum game announced? Had to look it up, Project G.G. it was!
That would be hot GotY contender by default :tarothink:

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plus like… zelda, BG3 full release, system shock remake (already preordered), caves of qud full release (unlikely). honestly not even convinced I’ll get into street fighter or ishin but we’ll see.

expecting another relatively quiet year in terms of my interests like the last two, probably get a couple really good midbudget indies out of nowhere though


my hope for 2023 is that denuvo piracy rises from the dead so I don’t have to actually start paying money for games


Why can’t I play that fucking Sonic game I probably wouldn’t even like for free yet!!

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emulate the switch version!!


In addition to Grim Guardians, I have a feeling that Inti Creates will also release another Blaster Master thingy (probably a gaiden) in the second half of this year, just judging by the 2 year release cadence they’ve had so far.

I was confused by this so i googled a bit, it’s not being made by Team Ninja but by Soleil Ltd. which i think are a Tokyo developer headed by former Tecmo staff. According to MobyGames, Yoshifuru Okamoto (岡本好古) was the producer on Ninja Gaiden 2 and a designer on Dead or Alive 4 which i guess is why those series are mentioned in the Steam page for Wanted: Dead.


I might play Lorn’s Lure this year if it comes out, and probably sweat profusely the whole time because even simulated heights invoke my fear of them.


Forgot I had preordered that Ray-Force collection that comes out in a month.


The only thing I’ve been keeping track of for 2023 is that Starfield’s going to come out, and I’m already sold on that comfort food, and that I’m going to buy the Suikoden collection even though I know I’m just going to complain about every audio/visual error that they introduce.


curious what exactly this new zelda is, hopefully it has dungeons more substantial than singular blue rooms where you put something on top of a switch and no more cutscenes with voice talent people doing that american british accent that doesn’t exist irl. also curious if that’s it for the switch!!!

ishin, armored core, maybe ff stuff if the pc release is timely.


my 8-25 year old self would be horrified to learn i do not give a fuck about street fighter 6

personally, while the trailers and media so far don’t really do all that much for me the chance that this might channel some of what makes xiv special + actually be able to fit into my life as it is now in a way an mmorpg can’t is exciting.

edit: of course the big event of 2023 will be the linda cube translation


Diablo 4 has

  • local coop
  • local coop menuing
  • a real dodge
  • looks like diablo 2
  • can be played on a controller
  • but also uses more than 2 fucking buttons

They literally mined the most wanted features for Diablo and then said they’re going to put it in the game

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One of these days I’ll give a Diablo a real go. Maybe one of those remasters of the old ones? Maybe this new one?

I tried that mobile one a while ago and I didn’t particularly like playing it on my phone.

i mean honestly this sounds like a good time, but it ain’t coming out on the switch so that’s not helpful for me unfortunately

If you have like a historical interest in games you could play 2 to see what all the fuss is about, but the only Diablo that still stands on its own two feet as an intrinsic experience is the first one.


I noticed my never used Switch Online lasped so I lost my chance to do the ticket system so was reasonable and went down the street and preordered Zeldo 2. More Like Screen Tearing In The Kingdom am I Right! This joke will be funny in two months.