Video Game Youtube Channels To Watch 📺

There was an interesting thread a while back of YouTube channels with (non let’s play) game commentary, rarities, or just things of general interest and I think it would be nice to have that in a more permanent form. Don’t feel like something is too “famous” or obvious to post it here, I guess?

Here are some design commentary and game review channels that were recommended in the last thread

PtoPOnline has a lot of interesting original footage of game prototypes

I also like little “quick hit” channels with oddball clips and commercials and whatnot

Share some of your favorites. I need to add to my subscriptions


Superplays of random arcade games, all of which are 60 fps since YouTube implemented that

Nothing says “productive use of time” like watching the first loop of Bucky O’Hare (it’s only 50 minutes long)


You listed a lot of channels I like I’d add

Maybe these all veer into let’s play type things sometimes, but at least with a more critical eye. And they have other stuff too.

Hg101 has a channel now

Pretty cool japanese PS1-PS2 channel

Lots of game samples. Very console centric and tending towards japanese/imports

Very old arcade stuff

Amiga stuff


Leigh Alexander has a pretty nice series of LPs:

And our own SB people also make stuff (sorry for any omissions):

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That icon is still the best thing about my channel. Hell I shoulda used it here.

Also let’s have a moment of silence for:

Got some fascinating in-depth Saturn hardware videos here

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Matthew’s videos are sometimes a bit long, but always with good purpose, and really insightful. His Dark Souls commentary was a six and a half hour long playthrough from beginning to end, and I had to watch parts of it on-and-off, but it was worth it the whole time.

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if you’re interested in certain e-sports (CSGO, LoL, SC2) then Duncan Shields a.k.a. Thorin is pretty much canon

Just discovered Double Fine Productions’ youtube page which has a series in which Tim Schafer plays older games that have inspired the studio throughout the years with some of the people who worked on those games.

Also Psychonauts 2 is 100% funded.

The “let’s play” of zelda 1 (which is definitely not a let’s play) is pretty excellent

A nice old lady plays Skyrim


“Real people/movie type games” is like looking into a bizarro plane

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As far as I can tell it means she just doesn’t like sprite graphics?

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Something vaguely dissonant about a 79 y-o grandma saying stuff like “watch me derp around”

depends on your McElroy preference, but i get a big kick out of MF

Alex and Danny are a super adorable husband-husband duo who frequently stream kusoge gleefully. Lots of really good historical content. Very educational.
BBB has been doing videogame content for like seven years? He’s one of the oldest streamers I know of (in his fifties iirc), and he’ll play literally anything and be really entertaining at it. His humor is really deadpan and understated and I frequently tune into his 10+ hour streams once a week just to hear him react to games or talk about how cool they are.

EDIT: adding a really late comment to say that BBB’s streams are good but I can’t guarantee the other people that comment in chat or on stream aren’t super gross :expressionless:

Oh! Now that I think of it, speaking of adorable couples who stream:

Clyde Mandelin (of Mother 3 fantranslation fame) streams with his wife Heidi and they work a lot of programming-gimmicks into the stream. They also do live translations of japanese-only games.

I assume this channel is known of, but I’m posting it just in case.