Untitled Goose Thread

This might be the most important game of this generation and it is important we have a thread about it.

I stole a gardener’s keys and locked him out of the garden, then dropped the keys in a pit.

I untied a boy’s shoelaces and made him trip and fall face-down in a puddle on the street. Then I stole his glasses and dropped them down a well.

The pip-pap sound of the goose’s feet is the greatest thing.

The goose’s motions are perfect and clean. It is hard to imagine how they got a goose in a mocap suit but that is the only possible way they could have achieved this.

I made a man sit in tomatoes. I engineered an eternal back-and-forth between two neighbors who both assume the same rainbow-colored umbrella is the property of the other, and throw it over their shared fence when the other isn’t watching.

I made a man break his neighbor’s fancy vase on her own face. I stole the cork out of a barrel of beer and dropped it in a river. The beer will flow onto the deck of the pub forever.

I Am the Horrible Goose that Lives in the Town.


This is a stealth Stealth game and an amazing one at that. Hitman wanted to be this game. Turns out motivating your player to be a real annoyance without violence is the perfect middle ground.


I want DLC for this game.

Sell me more town. Sell me more lives to ruin, more belongings to break and drop in ponds.

Give me more reason to inhabit my true form. Goose, perfect and long.

I must honk to live





I don’t know why I want to dislike this game maybe because it’s so good it needs a hater idk I’m definitely in the wrong here

I mean, disgruntled contrarianism for no reason is actually pretty in line with the theme of the game so in a way


the real untitled goose was inside us all along


Easy mode is Entitled Goose Game


Hard mode is Unbridled Goose Game

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I think this game is lovely and well made and it also makes me feel awful. These people are just minding their own business and here I come, this asshole goose, making a big mess of things and that’s the last thing I wanna do at this time in my life! I wish I could help them fold their laundry or pick up their children from school or listen to them talk about their divorce. I just wanna make things tidy and help people out. It sucks.

My family watched me play it and they would not stop laughing and cheering on the goose. My mother asked me “Did someone make this game?” Which is an odd question. I asked how she thought games were made – did she just think they’re randomly generated by computers? – but she didn’t want to talk about it. She just wanted to see the goose bully that nerdy kid. So I did that for 3 more minutes until I quit cuz I got too anxious to continue.

“Did you quit because I was talking too much?” she asked as I left the room and that made me feel even worse so I had to apologize and say no, I just have to do the laundry and draw some pictures. Which was true. It wasn’t a lie. I would never lie to my mother.

I know someday soon I’ll be healthy enough to tell my mother about how games are made, and explain what Let’s Plays are, and I will do a live one for her using Untitled Goose Game and, maybe…finally win approval of all my dumb life choices. But for now I’m that “I just wanna talk to the monsters” dork and I hate it. This game is really good and I wanna enjoy being a bully…!


I think I feel the same way as you. It’s just not the right time in my life for this game. As someone who’s constantly in fear of making other people’s lives worse - even by the slightest - this game really stressed me out during the brief moments I played. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand the appeal and one day I hope to be charmed by it but I can’t stop my mind from unraveling when I see a stressed out gardener who’s being completely owned by an asshole goose. There’s a latent misanthropy/resentment in this game that doesn’t sit right with me. What if the gardener had a loved one who passed and gardening is his only form of therapy? What if the goose gives him such a miserable time that he’s decided he’s had it and hangs himself in the shed? Once I stop thinking these things then I can chill with this game.


It is extremely good that a digital goose is the moment for these reflections


Now I can’t help wondering whether I would be uncomfortable playing this game as well. I could never bring myself to try being a bad guy in Planescape: Torment or Steambot Chronicles.

On the other hand, I never had a problem with Katamari Damacy despite the outrageous violence, and that might be more analogous.

I considered buying this game last night, but it looked like I could do so only by signing up for yet another store system. It’s not as if I need another new game right now anyway, when I am neglecting so many good ones that I already own.

found a goth brandon with an UM ACTUALLY in the replies


I love this game, the only thing I don’t like about it is that people are positioning it as a lighterhearted alternative to hitman and hitman is actually extremely lighthearted

granted this goes a step further to being like, “fun for the whole family” in a way few games manage

Also my backlog is too big at the moment so it went right on the pile after the first hour

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It’s hitman where somehow you are even more of an asshole


i really love all the fanart of this game

heres just a tiny bit from twitter

by @yarrason (all usernames are twitter names)

by @nickcruzzz0

by @opaopa13

by @sarahbecan

by @erichibbeler

by @roxypolk

by @tgl_comic

by @grampaglasses

by emma

by jessreddi_

by @johncgz


I dunno if it’s canon but I remember once thinking about the idea that original sin was like a name for the kind of harmful affordances that exist within the human body itself. Once you have a hand you can throttle someone with it, regardless of whether you’d ever want to there’s still a capacity for evil action latent there. St Augustine stealing the pears because he can, and because to exercise a capability is to engage in a kind of pleasure. The idea that a capability in some way demands to be used might be true in the world of video games, at least, where to have an ability to do something is generally to try and find occasions to use it. The world in a videogame kind of exists as an excuse to flex your capacity for acting. Even when there’s no instrumental/gamedesigny reason it can still feel somehow more engaging to eg aimlessly bunny hop around or to slash at people when talking to them, at least when you won’t get rebuked for it.

I’m bad at being rude to people in videogames (outside of, like, shooting them) and feel like the reason I don’t feel the same qualms in this game is due to how it emphasises a deep impersonal disconnect between your way of existing in this world and that of the people around you. All the objects you can interact with are human-made or grown and intended for some other purpose than to be bitten or flailed at by a goose. Your presence is already a kind of annoyance and the fact that all your actions from there just produce further chaos kind of encourages you to roleplay all your various naughty deeds as just kind of resulting from the mysterious whims of nature in letting these incompatible kinds of creature both exist. It’s not ME who stole the hat, it’s the wilful goose body…

it’s sort of interesting seeing this dynamic change over the course of a full game! I played the demo and in that the fact that there was exactly One Guy and that you were both just locked into this closed space of mutual frustration helped emphasise the impersonal quality. But now there are multiple people and it’s hard not to place them as “types”: cowardly child, self-important shopkeeper, etc. And correspondingly to allegorise your actions into bullying or standing up to the man or whatever. But I haven’t finished so it’s hard to say. Maybe the game will close on a 45 minute speech by Werner Herzog about the horrible malignancy of the natural world or something.


Everyone in the village voted leave so it’s perfectly ok to ruin their lives