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I’m one of those dummies who actually owns an UHD bluray burner.


the new windows 10 update is good, just like the last one and the one before that

windows is really extremely good these days and they’re even continuing to move in the right direction on some of the longest standing dumb stuff


Microsoft generally! I met a colleague of mine last night and she had the new tiny Surface (Go) and it was extremely impressive considering it’s still on Intel. My Surface Book 2 is the kind of no compromises thing that Apple will straight up never make.


even so, I just had to package a Mac app for distribution and test it and it was an absolute dream, just totally elegant and straightforward and sensible, compared to when I had to do the same thing on Windows a couple weeks ago

which is consistent with Apple aggressive losing regular consumers after spending a while becoming as mainstream as they ever had, but still retaining high-gloss university populations and developers, of which I happen to be both


The weirdest thing about switching to the SB2 has been people instinctively going to use it as a touchscreen where I forget until I’m using the stylus. I wonder if these folks know that Macs just don’t have touchscreens and most high end windows laptops do or if they go for the touch and get disappointed constantly.


luckily I’m already resigned to elitism that is so niche as to be unintelligible as elitism in so many other respects that this isn’t asking much


Fuck, I give up on Android finally

Is there a reputable place to get a used grey iphone 8 256gb in under a week? I don’t want to meet some shady motherfucker on a street corner, and apple’s refurb store doesn’t have any non-plus 8s right now


Swappa requires listings to include the serial so you can check it for activation lock, etc. Shipping might be li’l pricey if you want it this week.

You could also roll the dice on Amazon and use their return policy if you get a lemon.

Also dunno if you’ve considered it but the small upgrade to a X is nice.


I am 100% against face unlock


unlike other manufacturers’ version of it it’s not trivial to defeat though (nor is it any creepier than touch ID, really) and the form factor and multitasking UX are a significant improvement

also, it’s being rumoured that Apple will stay on TSMC 7nm through 2020, which means that the first-gen X (and the 8) that had the first version of that chipset (which is still faster than any snapdragon’s single threaded performance) will be at the cutting edge for a full four years and probably very competitive for a long time after


To be fair, the 8 has the same processor as the X, just in the old style shell.


You might wind up forced back to Android eventually, as I’m not sure whether Apple is going to do the in-screen fingerprint reader tech


There isn’t a single android phone right now that is worth buying and my current one seems to have failing flash, I gotta pick something

Since I don’t want face id (or to spend over a grand on a phone) the 8 seems like the right choice. I can worry about the fingerprint sensor on the iphone wxyz when the time comes.


no argument, just that the aftermarket for first-gen X’s is quite good especially if you’d otherwise be getting the 8 brand new


I just ordered one off swappa, we’ll see how it goes


While we’re talking about phones, I have a verizon iphone 6s which was one of their first iphone models to actually use SIM cards. does this mean I can just grab any other iphone and pop my SIM card in there?


that wasn’t the first iPhone to use sim cards, it was the first CDMA iPhone to use sim cards. That should work but I have no idea how verizon CDMA stuff goes.


that’s what I meant, it was one of the first for verizon who for whatever reason held off on doing that for multiple generations


No, there are usually two models of iPhone, one with the LTE bands for Verizon and one without. Look for the model number (e.g. A1865 has verizon LTE bands, A1901 is GSM-only (AT&T/T-Mobile in the US)).


this is a good sign for the PS5 of how relatively cheap decent NVMe is getting