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silverstone is also uglier



I want an ITX case that is not a giant box or a shoebox

all of those cases (most of which actually focus on getting under 10L in volume) are hideously expensive

even the most mass produced case of these, the Raijintek Ophion, was 130 bucks


Fractal, Rosewill, and Coolermaster all make affordable ITX cases. Thermaltake has a couple. Phantek is on the higher end of affordable, but seem pretty nice. Coolermaster practically gives them away through deals, on occasion.

Also, some micro ATX cases have mounts for ITX. such as this

but at that point, maybe just get a micro atx board.



I went ITX to go small




…I need a moment to catch my breath


have I talked about how I want to buy a Dremel, some beer and a PicoPSU and shove an ITX board in a Dreamcast shell


ok well I’m having trouble understanding what you want.

How do you feel about the Raijintek Metis?

I have one built with an ATX power supply, a 10 inch GPU, and a Scythe Mugen 5 rev. B cpu cooler. I have seen pics of one with a Scythe Ninja.

the point being, it holds a lot. and could still be designed a little better. I would recommend a smaller size GPU. Like one of those half length 1070 or something. But you can easily and completely take it apart, so its very workable.


The Ophion is a mass available version of what the small custom makers have been doing. Where the GPU sits underneath the motherboard, on the opposite side of the case. and attaches to the PCI-E port via a cable. Super cool, but not yet trickled into wide adoption by big brands who can drive the price down. Raijintek is still beating some of the small custom cases, by tens of dollars. Relatively speaking, $130 for that type of design is a deal. and you don’t have to wait for a production run.


you can get a Fractal Node 202 (10L) for $60:

(I have this case and really like it)

You can even stuff fullsize graphics cards as hot as AMD ones in there!





I guess 10.2L isn’t enough under 10L for some folks, sheesh


look, I can’t climax unless we gettin under 5L


just letting that graphics dongle dangle, eh


oh ok. so a shoebox is too big. To me the Ophion is shoebox size. So I wasn’t getting it.


wait is that an optical drive in that case what in the absolute


at the bottom?

it’s a flex ATX PSU


I still have and regularly use my optical drive because I’m a big dumb idiot


I import Japanese rock CDs once or twice a year. So I have an external drive for ripping to FLAC.


Optical drives are great. I mean how would you even burn Saturn and Dreamcast discs without one?

Everyone does that, right??


I’m like:



it’s worth it alone to play PS2 games via emulator

I held on to all those discs for a reason :triumph: