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Yeah I went with just plain ol’ ATX for my most recent computer after uncovering an old evaluation that said I’m dyspraxic as fuck. You can definitely get an mATX case that’s roomy and kind to your hands.

ITX is like a rotary engine, cool but in part because it’s intense.


… like, owning an AMD card is kind of like owning a vintage muscle car with a ridiculous huge V8 if you think about it.

there’s no point pointing out how much more efficient a german straight-4 turbo may be, or how useless all those cubic inches are, you just love that monster for what it is, and just don’t mind what it isn’t.

yup, that sounds kinda right to me, proud and insane VEGA64 owner..... got mine for 499 bucks, and that was a steal, OK.


Omg I love that you used that analogy at almost the same time after my ITX/rotary post.


generally my stance is that AMD is Chaotic Neutral and Nvidia is Lawful Evil

Nvidia is faster but also they’re assholes. AMD is slower but they kind of care about the greater technology ecosystem and maybe it’s good to encourage that.

buy both, cherish both, trust neither


you just got my bloodpotion so hard like seals on the tips of the rotor!


Rotary heads are also like pre-Intel Mac nerds ready to throw down about RISC at a moment’s notice.


as much as it seems like I’m stanning for AMD here, remember that corporations are not your friends and that getting depressed about low AMD adoption rates is literally a thing small YouTubers who think AMD should listen to them do


god beware, being a serious AMD fanboy must be pc-parts-purgatory for eternity. half the fun is knowing fully well that you could do better!

i must know, since i have bought the phenom II, R9 380, Ryzen 1700X, VEGA64 and Athlon 220… if there was an AMD T450s thinkpad a few years ago, i may have considered that for a minute or two, before buying Intel anyway, since i like to carry laptops around… so yeah, i assume in best sportsmanship terms that every AMD-owner here thinks a bit like that.


I’d feel a lot better about the surplusage of motherboards I have from ten years of three people doing this shit if they covered two sockets instead of six.


Chromium Edge… it’s good, folks.


is edge not going to work as an epub reader anymore

I did some windows update that took an hour to install and dark mode finally applies to file explorer, video files have thumbnails again, I don’t think it does that thing every so often where I get an eternal green loading status bar and it quits loading icon pictures in folders until I reset, folders still don’t stay how I arrange them though

I’ve been copying a full 8tb drive to a 12 tb drive since monday morning, it’s still got 20 hours to go.


is there a reasonably priced, normal looking wireless mouse that’s suitable for gaming?

like… this looks good and I just wish it wasn’t $50

I’ll bite on that one if I have to, just wondering if there’s anything comparable for cheaper that I’m missing.

a wired mouse would be fine too if the cable is longer than like 6 feet.


from what I know that one is significantly better than anything comparable


yeah I think I’m just gonna go for it

I was planning on upgrading anyway but my trusty M510 just shit the bed so I need to replace it asap.

I loved that mouse but it was really subpar for FPSes and stuff.


idk, paying 50bucks for a trackball is a no-brainer, so 50 for an excellent wireless mouse sounds easy to swallow?
Just do it, says mr nike.


no it still does this. for some reason an easy way to trigger this is digging around in bluray folders


I love samsung


The new Radeon VII take undervolting pretty well and can actually have better average performance

That’s assuming your Radeon VII stays stable with the undervolt. But it seems like several of them can. AMD just overshot the voltage, to have less wasted chips.

Also, RIP [H]ardOCP.


the zaber sentry 2 is considerably more expensive than I was hoping