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PCIe Gen3 x2



I mean it’s still like 3x as good as sata

In other news the PS5 GPU keeps being rumoured as like 14 tflops which would be funny because they’ll have managed to outspec Microsoft (and google) yet again and then everyone just has to live with it for seven years

also if AMD can do that in less than 200w, even on 7nm, that will also be very impressive for AMD

I think my Pascal Titan X can just barely glance at 14 if I crank it up to 300w, and 7nm Nvidia will almost certainly blow right by 20 at the high end but even so, that’s an actual generational improvement over the PS4 (or even the Pro) which people were vaguely foreclosing on a year ago


Titan XP

we have a dumb naming convention for this

don’t confuse it with the Titan Xp though


I’m looking to get a different keyboard (some flavor of ergodox or kinesis advantage, want thumb clusters, ortholinear keys, and negative tilt) and while I’m happy with cherry browns on my current keyboard, I’m curious if there are better options. I got a sampler of Kailh switches and they feel noticeably worse. Does anyone have experience with the newer cherry switches e.g. clears, whites, silvers, greens? I think the sweet spot for reducing pain while still not having accidental presses might be less force than browns.

(90% writing/10% gaming)


let me tell you about buckling springs


That… does not sound comfortable.


you’d be surprised!
i have a friend who is a kinesis fan, will ask them


Green, white, and clear are way stiffer than brown, and silver is lighter but linear with shorter travel, so none of them are exactly brown-but-lighter. In fact, I don’t know if there is a lighter tactile switch than brown? You’d probably have to go linear – red or silver – for that.

I like my red keyboard, but it’s definitely mistake prone.


they’ve had the mid-range freestyle pro with browns that has lasted over a decade, there was a two week adjustment period and it’s a little weird using anything else at this point but it’s not a huge deal

seemed enthusiastic but it sounds like you want the advantage

maybe worth looking at the matias ergo pro (i actually kinda fancy one now myself after taking a look) but they use their own switches that i believe are clones of alps


I’m a die-hard Cherry MX Brown fan. The light activation bump high in the action really does it for me. It’s clear but soft, smooth, and subtle.

For years I used a WASD Cherry Brown keyboard for games and a separate Kinesis Advantage keyboard for general use. My Kinesis Advantage broke after about a decade of heavy use and I replaced both keyboards with a Kinesis Freestyle Edge. It’s not the prettiest keyboard (nor the ugliest; it’s kinda computery-neutral) but the adjustable tilt, split, the general layout, and the macros won me over. It’s an S-Rank ergonomic keyboard.

Outside of ergonomic keyboards, I don’t really have an opinion because my wrists are broken :frowning:

Before I had a wrist injury, I used Topre buckling springs. Buckling-spring designs have a very cool, visceral activation and, imo, are superior to the ‘clicky’ Cherry types (blue, white, and green).

Hako switches are interesting. A couple friends have fancy keyboards with those switches and they deliver on their stated intent of marrying Topre buckling springs to Cherry.


I’m on a Freestyle Edge now (should have mentioned that, I suppose) and it fixes my wrist pain but I still have pain in my fingers from keeping them more or less bent at the knuckles, hence interest in curved/ortholinear. Every joint in my body is prone to severe inflammation and my knuckles are often 150% of the circumference of my finger otherwise.

I ordered an Advantage 2 off of Amazon with the idea that I can use the (in my experience) no questions asked return policy. If I can’t get used to it I’ll try the Ergodox (probably the EZ variant just because it has all of the bells and whistles without extra work).

Sticking with browns on the Advantage 2 but probably ordering a new Cherry sampler for the Ergodox in the future. I like that the EZ has plate-mounted switches so you can swap them without soldering.


For the spectators here, the weirdest/coolest thing about the Freestyle Edge is that pressing a button combo mounts it as a drive that contains the configuration tool and layouts/macros saved as text files.


I have a freestyle edge and it’s pretty cool, with one exception. They made the right shift key narrower, with the up arrow taking up the remainder of its normal space. I hit the up arrow all the time when I’m trying to hit shift and I still struggle to get used to it


I have a mechanical keyboard at work and I constantly typo on it I hate it

I feel like a big nerd but I really prefer low set macbook style keyboards with quick action and almost no noise

maybe there’s a type of switch that I might like but the elevation of mechanical keyboards constantly trips me up and idk if I’m capable of readjusting


I’m the same way, I’d rather type on a 2006-2015 Macbook keyboard than anything else


There are low-profile mechanical keycaps (don’t go down the rabbit hole of different keycap shapes lol) but nothing is going to be as low profile as a chiclet keyboard.


Gotta post about how nice Thinkpads keyboards are. They nice. I haven’t even really used the non-island ones either.


For those who prefer scissor-switch keyboards: some Cherry switches have activation points that are high in the action so you don’t need to – and in fact shouldn’t – bottom out while typing. There’s a wide variety of mechanical keyswitch types and some are counter to the stereotypes of mechanical keyboards. That said, scissor-switch keys are nice and I honestly wouldn’t mind an ergonomic and lightly programmable near-zero input lag NKRO version of one; in the absence of such a keyboard, these brown switches will do.


This and single key sized backspace, are hell.

I like the standard Microsoft Keyboards. They have tallish keys, more like an old school keyboard. But they are quiet and supple feeling.



Huh. The Dactyl looks to be the best of both ergodox and advantage but I don’t know if I’m ready to forgo function keys (lookin’ at you, touchbar macbook).

Good lord is this catnip for my special interest brain.