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If they’re widely distributed you can use the excellent utility @Felix turned me on to, choco

Dunno about pirated games except that I’ve been running Outrun 2006 out of my Documents folder for seven years.


so should I do this before or after the hardware upgrade? it seems that windows 10 can handle motherboard/processor upgrades pretty painlessly.


it can but you may as well buy a new SSD while you’re at it too and then you’re installing to a new disk


I can’t afford any more hardware right now!


might wait on the whole thing then tbh


does it matter that much


it’s a combination of:

a) I wouldn’t want to run windows in 2019 without an SSD, and from the sounds of your existing hardware you don’t have one

b) disk migrations are a pain and you’re already committed to doing a clean install so you should really do both at once


I have an SSD, though it’s maybe 6-7 years old. still seems to work fine though.


oh, it’ll probably be near EOL soon if you’ve been using it heavily for that long anyway, I would definitely replace it

SSDs are generally only good for 10 years of heavy use


DMing you.


I couldn’t bear to do a fresh windows install on my computer, too much of a pain in the ass. I’m sure I should have, but it just sounds terrible.


I like that people are excited to try out a leaked beta of chromium-based Edge like it’s Firefox circa 2004.


I haven’t really been using it heavily that whole time, it spent a little over a year in storage before I even was able to hook it back up.

I think I’m going to go forward with reinstalling on this one and just cloning to a new drive.


INTERNAL PERISCOPE is actually one of the first things a non-iPhone has done hardware-wise in ages that seems really cool to me


it’s 2019 and you still have to go to a tab in the display adapter properties to change your refresh rate in Windows

don’t you fucking dare tell me to set up another program to do this, it’s the fucking principle of the thing


I’m just incensed about this particular issue because they took the fucking time to let you switch your speaker setup from the volume system tray icon, which is a thing you would think would change even less than refresh rate

but then here I come with my goddamn stupid edge case


I change audio sources several times a day but haven’t manually changed a refresh rate in possibly a decade, so I would prioritize development similarly


yeah I mess with audio stuff pretty regularly these days


I routinely, on the computer in question, switch between 24hz and 60hz depending on what I’m watching/doing and 5.1/stereo depending if the content in question has a surround track or not

sound is almost a non-issue, especially since the Netflix app supports DD Plus (I can’t believe the gall Amazon has to shackle me down with HDCP for Prime Video but won’t support any kind of surround sound option on desktop) and plenty of web players and mpv jive just dine with 24hz but changing back and forth is just the worst


l i n e a r m u l t i p l e s

120hz baybee