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is it really




yes, by an enormous margin


how hard is it to get it to work more like windows 7 in terms of workflow and layout and stuff

or is it even possible


also like explain bc that does not seem to a universally held opinion


10 >>> 7, it’s not really that controversial in 2019


toups what do you think you are going to lose it is the same except the start menu and control panel look different and the ui chrome is black just hide the cortana search or whatever


re: layout/workflow, you can use classic shell to make the start menu more like 7 (not really needed, was more useful in 8/8.1)


I don’t know, I haven’t spent much time with Windows 10 but from what time I’ve spent I loathe the new UI and everything feels way harder to get to/less intuitive

Maybe I’m just old and grumpy.

Also I don’t wanna pay for it.


why pay for something when if you apply yourself you can get it for free

this is how software works:


is it still easy to crack windows in 2019

should we… take this discussion to the axe :eyes:


I don’t know, I did it in 2016 and promptly forgot after the half hour I spent learning it


even getting my crack for windows 7 to work reliably was a big pain


i did it two months ago. it’s still trivial: get kmspico, press button, done


Microsoft doesn’t even ding you for not activating it besides nagging because it’s on them if there’s a botnet of pirated windows boxes out there.


so I guess it would be better to upgrade windows before upgrading hardware


I would suggest a fresh installation you restore applications on to so you’re not cleaning up all of your old drivers and registry cruft. Is there some software you’re concerned about bringing over?

Worth mentioning the single best improvement in Windows 10 is driver management - almost always automatic unless you have a peculiar component. It’ll pull down all of your motherboard/gpu/etc. drivers when you do the install.


If you install the education version it doesn’t even put Candy Crush in the start menu.


I don’t have a lot of like, umm for lack of a better word AAA software installed so I’m not sure if restoring would really work. lots of smaller programs and weird unlicensed stuff and I just like… idk, seems risky?


I love how pirated games have the option to not write anything to registry/start menu now