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I’m going to be honest

99% of people will yell and scream that you should run DDR4-3000 minimum with Ryzen because of the way the CPU was designed, how the modules communicate is linked to RAM speed and you should get as fast as possible, but, realistically, we’re talking like, 90% of the performance below 3000 and sharp diminishing returns above 3000

so, I’ll say, shoot for 2666 minimum (this is the max speed officially supported by first generation Zen; technically anything over 2666 is considered an “overclock”), get 3000 if it falls in budget, get 3200 or more if you can 100% validate that the RAM you’re getting will be able to run at that speed (first gen Zen has a notrousiously finicky memory controller and getting 3200+ working means shelling out for better binned RAM or really getting all loosey goosey with timings)


this seems like a reasonable choice?

I’m not sure if I have to overclock it or not but I guess these days that’s sometimes as simple as changing a setting in the bios?



actually, funnily enough, AMD themselves recommends Vengeance LPX for first gen Ryzen and sent it out with review kits back in 2017


well then,


For RAM overclocking, yeah, you just enable “XMP Profiles.”




I just did this (on a 1600 like Toups is going to use) and it really was that simple. Is there rhyme or reason to it?


up to 3000, probably not. above 3000, it’s lottery time


reminder that XMP is very technically an Intel thing even though it’s pretty much a technical shorthand with the rise of AMD now


from what I’ve read AMD has a feature on some of their motherboards called “AMD Memory Profile” and it’s basically the same thing?


The RAM lottery is part of the fun of building yoir machine!

Nowadays, i.e. with lots of updates for the mobos and with the second gen CPUs, it’s less likely that you can join the fun club of finding out whether your combination goes well, and to what speeeed setting…

not that it is BAD that it’s over, i like a stable system very much, but there really was some excitement when turning on the machine for the first time with that will-it/won’t-it feeling.

Needless to say, it did, and much to my surprise, my VEGA64 did turn out to be more of a lottery product… Would i build an AMD system again?
I did, see my NAS-experience itt.


make sure your RAM is on your motherboard’s QVL list. go look it up on their website. AMD shit does not play around with random RAM, you will fuck yourself to some unknown degree if you mess that up.

as for speed, I built a computer a month ago and my RAM was giving me a lot of problems. I thought it was dead, because the motherboard told me it was dead. then I thought the motherboard was dead, because a different set of sticks didn’t work. then one slot worked. eventually it all worked fine, at the proper speeds. what changed? idk, nothing as far as I could tell. but before it worked fine I had it clocked to 2400 mhz instead of 3200, and it made a noticeable difference in world of warcraft at least. like, a 20 fps difference at times. now, wow is a special kind of stupid game that is very sensitive to many things, not the least of which is CPU clocks, and I did run it with various doodads attached that presumably liked RAM, but you can see the effect RAM speeds can have on ryzen systems if you run into scenarios that exploit that dependency.


Man I was really missing out on the true AMD Jazzmaster experience with my dumb builder’s luck this weekend! Uneventful 800 mhz overclock and no issues hitting the advertised 3200 mhz on the silly RGB RAM even though it was the cheap-ish Fatal1ty ASRock board.

I want to try to crank my 8700k up now just to be difficult, maybe delid it. Honestly I just want a rotary car to dote on ;_;



this is why


Are they exceptional quality? They’re just always the cheapest option and I’ve had no issues over five or so builds.

See also: Zotac nVidia cards.


the difference is even more pronounced in ITX but they are disproportionately better than any boards that aren’t much more expensive

Zotac is #2 for SFF stuff after AsRock and I tend to think that having to make SFF does drive up your quality across the board


is it a really bad idea to upgrade motherboard/CPU without a fresh install of windows?

In theory I could just remove all the drivers for your current motherboard and there won’t be any problems, right?

I just… don’t want to deal with re-installing Windows 7, and I definitely don’t want to deal with upgrading to Windows 10 at the moment.


I realize that for ~gaming~ I will need to do so sooner or later. But I’m more into using this for PS2 emulation and stuff for now.


10 is better just do it