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yeah you gotta replace the wifi chip


Is this directed to cask or me? Am I running a risk ignoring my now-dormant Bluetooth gremlin?


cask. there no “risk” other than that the wifi/bluetooth that ships with ITX boards is almost always needlessly shitty and replacing the chipset is very trivial


Oh my god.




even as someone who spends way too much time looking at strangers’ completed pc builds on reddit I can’t think of single case these would make sense in.


That’s what’s fucking me up! Liked honestly it’d rule if you could make your PC look like it’s made out of magic crystals but it’s gonna be this ram on a motherboard that’s got science hexagons printed on the PCB in best case scenario (:sweat_smile:) a nondescript white or glass minimalist case.


look, no one’s stopping you from shoving crystals all over in your case and on your mobo heatsinks


I prefer to hotglue rhinestones to my hardware


I’m almost entirely certain hot glue on hardware is a bad idea


Y’all I am so excited to share the budget RGB monstrosity I make this weekend. Friend wants to use the RGB for good i.e. make her PC ostentatiously gay.


I still think I’d just build a case out of Lego



So far this Ryzen 1600 is taking a 4 GHz/1.35v overclock like a champ. 62C!


So I switched out my CPU cooler after the pump on my old cheap AIO died and after putting on the new air cooler on this 2600x I’ve been getting temp readings like this when idle:


If I run a CPU burn test it maxes out at a stable 70 degrees, which is a max temp I’m comfortable with in this sff case.

Two questions:

  1. This feels like a bad application of thermal paste issue, but I’ve tried reseating the cooler with new paste about 4 times and the reading I’m getting is identical each time, and I do not want to pull this goddamn mobo out again. Is there anything else I could be missing?

  2. Is there anything dangerous about just letting my pc have this type of heat bounce at these low temps?

I’ll be moving the entire rig into a new case later this week when it arrives and I’ll try reseating again then one last time if I can’t figure anything else out.


idk whether this applies for the 2nd gen Ryzen X-models, but the first-gen Ryzen has gotten a +20°C offset on its temp readings, for… no apparent reason aside from AMD trying to err on the safe side when it comes to cooling their CPUs.


I’m pretty sure this is just a Ryzen thing, my 1700X and 2200G both like jumping 10 degrees from idle temps on doing anything and then going back down immediately once they’re done


Thanks! That makes sense. I’ll leave it be.


gnome 3.32 is so much more performant!!!


Waiting for ubu 1904 to testdrive it in preparation for the 2020-LTS update-party that will ensue…


how much does RAM speed matter

am I okay with 16 GB at 2400 mhz?