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your choices are buy nothing, cheap out on an AMD build with the intent to upgrade later or wait for new hardware launches to shake out and also all of the build options involve an Nvidia GPU unless you’re tripping over cryptominers dumping their hardware


I mean, a cheap AMD build might be an okay idea considering Microcenter has lost their goddamn minds and are selling a 6 core part for 80 freedom monies and having someone do a MC run and ship the stuff out to you would still be cheaper than 99% of every country


excuse me while I just act boggled over the fact that this goddamn CPU is 80 bucks

just, the fucking audacity

where do they get off doing this



do you remember when hexacore CPUs were like, 6-800 bucks and exclusively HEDT


except for the one in the fucking middle of palo alto that they don’t deserve ugh


what’s an ice lake and what’s a ryzen I’m so confused


ice lake is intel’s next CPU architecture which is long overdue because it’s tied to their 10nm process shrink which they have fallen behind the rest of the industry on delivering, it is desperately needed on laptops but might not be quite as significant on desktops at least until next year

ryzen is the name AMD gives to all their current CPU architectures like Intel’s core, ryzen 3 will be out this year (in advance of shipping in the PS5) and will probably be pretty dominant in desktops for several months at least


Ryzen is the consumer-facing name for the Zen CPU architecture, with Ryzen Theadripper for HEDT and Epyc for servers. 1xxx models and the 22xx APUs are Zen, the 2xxx models are Zen+ and the upcoming desktop parts will be Zen 2 (getting more asshole technical, they are Summit Ridge, Raven Ridge and Pinnacle Ridge, respectively)


I’m going to go to Microcenter in Dallas next week - HMU if you want me to pick up a Ryzen 1600 and motherboard for ya. :slight_smile:


I am definitely not seeking my computer to be bleeding edge anything. I think I’m fine with just doing a reasonably priced upgrade right now bc really I want to spend as little money as is reasonably possible.

probably will wait a few months and buy a new graphics card.

@Doolittle I will probably take you up on that!


Ah, dang, sorry, I checked the $80 AMD processor is sold out now. Sorry. I did snag one for my friend, tho. The next best deal is probably this combo with its second-gen successor and motherboard for $200.

I could offer you the same deal my brother was going to give my friend - the circa 2011 Intel parts for ~$100. The caveats are discussed above and the new AMD board is going to be much better for things that are not videogames.

Also dangit, if we’re changing the thread title, “circuit city on the edge of forever” thank you


that’s definitely still within a comfortable price range

I guess like… do I need to make sure that motherboard will fit my case?

(I’m hopelessly clueless with stuff like this sorry)


Oh, yeah, no it’s a valid question because that case won’t take full-size ATX. The motherboard is “mATX” short for Micro-ATX which will fit. :+1:


You’ll also need DDR4 RAM, 16GB of which runs around $80.


The new title rules.


Hey @toups great news, the $80 AMD CPU is back in stock! Do you want on-board bluetooth/Wi-Fi on the motherboard?


dm’ing you :slight_smile:


I fixed my missing bluetooth on my desktop by unplugging/replugging the mains power ??? :thinking:


Bluetooth on desktops is atrocious


Do you mean built in bluetooth on the mobo or is there some other meaning I’m missing here.
I have an mitx mobo with built in bluetooth and wifi and both are terrible. I thought it was my desk setup but maybe not!

I’m running a 6600k in my PC and every metric shows it’s not the item bottlenecking me at 1440/144 but these microcenter Ryzen deals still have me reaching for my wallet help