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is this a thing




always wanted to make a porno about obsessive projectionists called three-two pulloff


like they’re fucking and they’re trying really hard not to knock anything in the booth because they know that if it’s off by half a degree it’s gonna stress them out until they get it exactly right again


if you just pirated everything and watched things in mpc-be you can set it to change your displays refresh rate to match the video


what the hell is this madness, 3:2 pulldown is for video projection

no I’m not installing mpc anything and setting up madvr, this is low effort

similarly, I’m not pirating everything because that requires time and effort when I can click the thing and stream it for 99% of the stupid awful nonsense I want to watch, things that I’m not so attached to that I need them sitting on a drive until I remember about them or the drive dies


The very first thing they told me when I got promoted from concessionist to projectionist was no fucking in the booth which had honestly never crossed my mind and was immediately unappealing.

Like, c’mon if you’re gonna fuck in a movie theater after hours do it somewhere with cushioning


my best friend in my sophomore year of high school was the lighting director for the school plays and she made really good use of the key to the booth

I also like “concessionist” and “projectionist” as like, different ways to typify how people deal with their problems, especially the idea that a projectionist outranks a concessionist


It was the gumption to simple green the fuck out of the popcorn machine that got me up there. No concessions!


Reporting in on the results of my extensive USB-C investigations (I’m basically my own charger review site). The world’s best charger is currently the RavPower GaN 45W. I am proudly using it in public and waiting for someone to ask how such a small charger can really charge my laptop, but nobody has asked yet ;_;


finally got everything in and I just want to publicly pat myself on the back bc I put all the dang components in there and it worked the first time

maybe that’s not such a big deal but it is to me bc I almost always mess something up, and there were more non-trivial issues with this build than I anticipated.

anyway I have a radeon 6800 HD in this thing, which is more ancient than I remembered. Surely in the year or our lord 2019 even a relatively inexpensive GPU would still be a substantial upgrade right? or it would be worth it to save for something a little more current?

I don’t really intend on doing any super crazy next-gen gaming but I guess it’d be nice to have the option


you can get a 1070 for a decent price nowadays

it’s not exactly cheap, but modern GPUs aren’t cheap, and I don’t think there’s too much worth buying south of this

this + that ryzen 1600 you just got should carry you through the next console generation as cheaply as reasonably possible right now


I mean that’s doable I guess

my thing is that I’m really just trying to remove what I perceive to be the last bottleneck on my system more than make like a huge upgrade.

I’m also not intending on resolutions higher than 1080p in the foreseeable future, idk if that changes anything? my PC sits in my living room on a 40 inch 1080p set. won’t be upgrading my TV or adding any displays anytime soon

it sure seems like even something like this would probably be more than good enough for now?


I wouldn’t consider that more than good enough, I’d consider it only barely OK and not really worth the money

don’t get an AMD GPU, wait for Nvidia 7nm if you have to


the only AMD cards that hit the good price/perf spots are decently priced 580s (like, 160-180 range), which are maybe 70-80% of a 1070, or a Vega 56, which either trades blows or beats at 1070ti depending on the game and you should still be able to find those for ~$270


Seconding Felix. You’ll want around an Nvidia GTX 970 just to play this generation’s games at 1080p with medium/high settings at a locked 60+. Go for the 1070 so your GPU doesn’t become a huge bottleneck relatively soon.

(For the record: I have an Nvidia GTX 970 and it’s “good enough” but doesn’t have much headroom.) (That AMD RX 570 is like 2/3s of an Nvidia GTX 970.)


well ok!

thanks friends :)




a 570 trades blows with both the 970 and 1060 6 GB, especially in newer games since everything AMD is GCN

the major outlier are games running on UE4, which is generally accepted to be optimized for Nvidia


you’re right, I had the 570 confused with the 470.


I’m skeptical, it’s listed at 5 tflops but it seems to bench more like 3

my anacuda don’t want none