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yeah so I replaced the mini PCIe wifi card that came with my ITX board because it was terrible and also because I wanted wireless wake on lan for when I’m effectively using my desktop as a NAS so a USB dongle wouldn’t have achieved that but it was originally wired for 2xMHF2 (possibly MHF3?) antennas and the new card was 3xMHF4 which I didn’t realize, and mini PCIe wireless cards aren’t that easy to buy other than on eBay in the first place, so this involved a lot of waiting for $3 purchases to arrive from China and figuring out if I was going to get one laptop antenna to go with the only two desktop antennas I already had mounting brackets for and so on. Also you have to take apart an ITX case when you do any of this.

The result was great because good wireless cards also generally have impeccable Bluetooth and now I get Gigabit wifi and I can wander into my kitchen while wearing a headset on a conference call without losing a signal but if your build is small enough that you’re basically playing with non-retail laptop parts to swap your wifi out it’s not a great time.


Ah, so it’d be pretty easy because I came to terms with my low dex and just plain have an ATX board now. Thanks!


My wife gave me a set of WH-H900Ns for my birthday. They sound good and are comfortable, but I don’t really like the touch controls, it’s pretty difficult to figure out where you’re swiping on a circle without any tactile feedback. Are they any better on the WH-1000MX3s?


They’re swipes up/down/left/right and appear to be the same across models. Not a big fan either - I’m still using the source device for control.

Maybe like, a die-cut vinyl cling in a cross-shape would help like the cross on the left Steam controller pad.

I tried and liked the dials on the Surface headphones in a Microsoft store but the sound quality is just plain bad, like bluetooth headphones from five/ten years ago.


Also in tech-y goings on:

  • Replaced Joycon shell with atomic purple from basstop - infuriatingly difficult, do not recommend.
  • Refurbished fifth gen iPod with new battery and 128GB SD card - extremely easy, definitely recommend if you have an iPod in a drawer.


I am interested in this – can you drop a link to a guide or something? Thanks!


Sure, I got the battery from iFixit and it came with the necessary tools.

I got the adapter for the SD card from iFlash. There’s also CF, microSD, and (for the truly weird folks who want a 1TB iPod) m.2 SATA. There’s minimal shimming involved because the PCB is cut to fit into the existing internal fins - you just put a foam spacer over the card so it doesn’t eject.

Really easy - the ribbon cables go in and out without a hitch, everything is facing out of the case so there’s minimal (Hasbro) Operation-style frustration.


Anyone hear anything about this game?

I just randomly came across it on the Steam store, and if it would actually teach me real-world knowledge about building PCs then I could potentially be pretty interested in it.


ehh I think that’s firmly in the category of “knowledge that is so narrowly applied that trying to acquire it preemptively for whatever reason is a waste of time”


one of the only really useful ways of acquiring general it’s-good-for-you computer knowledge that isn’t overly consumer-focused or cargo culty is, for better or worse, to run desktop Linux as your main environment for a few years

this will eventually make you never want to do it ever again and instill in you an appreciation for Apple that is more of a liability than anything else but if you were looking to, like, eat your veggies along these lines that’s what I’d recommend

there will probably be plenty of related opportunities to rip parts out of computers too


though I am saying that as someone who currently has a headache from coding too much today so it should be stressed that this is a kind of vegetable that isn’t good for your body exactly


I think everyone who built a pc for their first time this decade did so by following along with a youtube video anyway.

I want carbureted engine rebuild simulator.


I think the first time I built a machine from scratch was … 2004?

it’s honestly pretty hard to screw up, just buy some parts and then get annoyed with them sitting out on a table unassembled


No, using Linux for a few years will make you hate Apple with a burning passion because it’s so fucking hard to do anything any way other than what steve jobs decreed in 1998 finder is the worst, most insulting file browser to ever exist, I’d almost rather look at disk blocks with a hex editor

Windows sucks but there’s always some way of getting it to do what you want


I guess this is a direct response to your post but I wouldn’t say it’s agreeing exactly



Apart from wriggling it into the case and worrying I was gonna put too much pressure on my motherboard, my graphics card is in and not too bad, at least for what I wanted to do with it.


I tried to play this and it wouldn’t run on my PC :(


it’s okay, you can just build a new computer to pl-oh



I think there is a pretty robust car mechanic simulator available on steam, that seemed decently reviewed


It wasn’t really that robust

It was weirdly fun (or at least soothing?) for a few hours but pretty quickly you’ve done all the car repairs that the game simulates and after that it’s the same thing over and over