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Womp :frowning:


noticing all the smallest possible cases that still accept the biggest possible GPUs like the Zaber Sentry and the Dan A4 only accept 2.5" drives (though they both fit a couple of them, presumably in addition to an m2 or two) so that’s something to keep in mind I guess

they’ll probably have at least 8 or 10 TB in that form factor in a few years



Panic announced today they’re going to be superseding Coda with a new app so I’m hoping that it means a saner dev environment is coming to the iPad Pro


really happy that Windows finally has a sane concept of generic install/uninstall hooks and every program no longer needs to ship its own uninstaller and shit

like I can build stuff in as generic a way as possible with and it’ll register an uninstall hook automatically and when I do something like $ choco upgrade docker on my own machine it doesn’t blow everything up, it silently updates the fucking package and keeps my environment, it’s amazing


Trying to get thermal throttling under control on my surface book 2 - an 85 mV undervolt yields ~80C temps and sustained ~2.5ghz all core turbo on the i7-8560U. This seems like as best I can expect considering it’s a U-series behind the display with a very slim fan, but I’m not sure.


that is …

god I hate intel 14nm


that’s gonna be like half as fast as the iPad Pro at like 3x the power consumption


But like, normal for kaby lake parts?

Unfortunately the iPad Pro doesn’t run a desktop browser or have a 1060 in it :woman_shrugging:


I know, I just hate being reminded of why I’m still on haswell


although there’s a new rumour this week that they are in fact going to scrap the butterfly keyboard line of MBPs this year which would make me very happy

I think three years to a new chassis would be as close as apple can come to admitting failure


“16gig is more than enough!” my ass

next pc is getting the maximum amount of ram possible in two slots on an itx board no matter what it costs

so I open a tab here and there, let me live already


I need to get low profile brackets for a 1050 I bought off eBay. Any ideas?


getting a loose bracket to match a specific model of GPU you bought is generally impossible, you’ll have to cut holes in one yourself with industrial equipment (seriously)

if the PCB and the cooler are actually low-profile sized in the first place you really should’ve gotten the bracket with it


there are a very small number of ITX motherboards that currently work with 32GB sticks and I don’t expect that number to go up in the next couple years so if you don’t mind spending $500 on ram you can probably manage 64

you can just run an extension that suspends background tabs though


is there a more than zero possibility intel 10nm or 7nm will be incompatible with current cpu coolers




any maker of aftermarket coolers worth a damn will sell or send you the new mounting hardware for a new socket

hell, Noctua will send you the new mount for free if you flash them a receipt from your cooler purchase


samsung baybee


I mean, even if it turns out nobody wants this or it’s too heavy or whatever, that’s pretty cool. It reinforces Samsung’s self-image as actually pushing forward futuristic innovations.

The on-screen fingerprint sensor on the Galaxy S10 is also really cool tech. Meanwhile Apple is behind and pretending like FaceID is just as good.