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dear friend of the thread ASRock doesn’t have an ITX board supporting current Xeons, you’ll have to settle for Skylake-X CPUs


come on, can’t you hear the siren song that’s coming from the top-end threadripper CPU-fan? , it’s calling for you, @Felix, you just have to pull the trigger and you’ll have all the power at your fingertips… you want it, now.


Checked my case and I think you’ll be fine with a ribbon cable instead of the stiff riser for the PCIE connection. As notbov notes, the weight is all supported by the screws to the outside of the case.

I was using a lego brick as a shim to keep distance between the card and the case fans but that was more trouble than it’s worth (it would occasionally slip and start hitting the fan blades); since I removed it a few months ago the GPU hasn’t dragged into the fans.

Fractal’s recommendation is a max GPU height of 35mm if you have 25mm fans (I do: the Fractal Venturi ones) but this is a bit conservative; at my card’s 40mm I’ve still got some play and you might be able to squeeze 45mm. You won’t be able to do the triple-slot-width cards, though.


me three days ago: well, I guess I’ll buy this board and stash it away for the next generation of Zen processors and throw the 1700X in an ITX buld

me two days ago: actually I’m too lazy to pull my CPU out of my main system to test the board, maybe I’ll grab one of those Athlons

me yesterday: actually the 2200G is only 30 bucks more than the 200GE and also there’s an 8 gig kit of 3200 memory for 60 bucks, but I definitely won’t throw it in the SG13


I threw it all in the SG13 and also spent hours, hours trying to fix crashes and install drivers until remembering that Zen is still finicky with the memory it likes and everything started working once I stopped trying to walk around with my dick out and eased the DDR4 speed down from 3200 to, well, anything below it

also apparently the GPU part doesn’t work under 7 so yay for installing 10 I guess (though it did work brilliantly when I tried Solus after a quick reboot had the system running the Mesa stack instead of the Gallium driver but I used Solus specifically because it’s a rolling release and I’m lazy)

the 2 minutes I spend mucking around with Steam Play/Proton was neat, I guess. I’m excited to get back home today and mess around with the iGPU a bit and then throw all of that work away when I stick the 290 back in the case, though I did run Helldivers a bit and the idea that 200 bucks of hardware was running the game as well as its home console was neat


trijicon did not release a top battery loaded rmr. they did release the same rmr painted brown and pretended that that made it more ruggedized though.


All of these fractal case sales have me itching to just move everything from my s340 into something new just for the fun of playing with computer legos help

(it does help that I have an ATX board so the interesting options are limited)




Once I just gave up and installed 18.04 from scratch instead of trying to salvage my existing install things went a lot better. I was worried that ZFS wouldn’t re-import my pool but I was able to while I was running the 18.04 recovery mode so that gave me enough confidence to go ahead and try it. Aside from having to take care of a couple groups issues I got everything working again within an hour.

It even worked out for the better because my original root partition was too small because I was going to use the rest as L2ARC but that was pointless SO I had about 4x the almost-too-small space unpartitioned to do the fresh install on and now I don’t need to micromanage disk space

Still, I would rather have played Ace Combat instead :coolguy:


was going to mention how much I loved this approach to computer building but now I am appreciating my SG05 that much more as I have never had occasion to throw a Lego into some fan blades


IDEA: hey I have this APU and a big, actual AMD GPU, I can put them in the same computer and tell Windows to use the 290 for heavy stuff

REALITY: Windows 10 taking a giant steaming shit on my chest

SOLUTION: hey apparently AMD desktop motherboards support hybrid graphics just like laptops and now the 290 and the Vega 8 are talking among themselves automatically


the only low-level Windows feature that’s never even been considered for implementation in Mac/Linux and which I’ve always found genuinely impressive and useful is the ability to simultaneously span your desktop across displays connected to a discrete GPU and displays connected to an iGPU even when they use different vendors and drivers


Sure seems like the only way I’ll get around these glitches and slowdowns in PCSX2 is to shell out an obscene amount for an Nvidia card at some point (unless an RX 590 can brute force it’s way through OpenGL? I dunno.)

That said, the 2400g is pretty impressive. Granted I’m throwing mostly 360 era stuff at it on Steam, so.


the GPU wouldn’t be causing slowdown in PCSX2, it’s the CPU or your settings


Ah, gotcha.


Oh wow


yeah yikes!!!

I turned it off until the patch


Apple mitigated it on server-side already (by disabling all of Group Facetime), no need to rush to turn Facetime off.


it helps to have very high standards for what your computer is capable of formed over years of experience – I ran most PS2 games fullspeed at 1080p on a $65 Pentium-branded Wolfdale from 2009 and a 9800 GT – to reassure you that you don’t need to buy a new thing


I’m honestly probably being greedy with what I’m trying to pull off, and just need to dig into the settings a bit more.

Most stuff works fine if I opt for DirectX11, but I think the games I’m trying to play in particular have some quirks as far as rendering goes (that The Punisher game glitches out pretty bad in “Slaughter Mode” or whatever it has).

That, and I gotta remember that there’s nothing really stopping me from playing Gamecube versions if those run better, so!


I think dumb purchases got axed but I vaguely remember @Broco expressing interest in the WH-1000MX3 and I want to say they are wonderful. I tried Bose QCIIs but I could hear the whine of the ANC and I can’t with these. In addition they’re much more comfortable, have thoughtful software features, and a dang USB-C port.

By the by and on topic, bluetooth with my desktop PC is real hinky - should i just get a USB dongle or is there something to be done with antennas? I think @felix said he ordered some parts from China and strongly recommended against it.