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look at that though! it’s so unobtrusive!


well ah won’t tell you not to have fun but ah will warn you not to stick your optical drives where they ain’t wanted


When I was swapping cases I realized that I could not remember ever using the newer of my two optical drives. Like, I guess it powered on but it could have been dead from the day I was gifted it and I would have had no idea. I keep having this feeling that no! I’ll need one someday! But evidence really doesn’t point that way.


I still rip media periodically and have an occasional professional justification for doing so and an easier time doing it on my own hardware and I even burned a colleague a blu-ray once at their request


Yeah I definitely get it, they’re not totally useless. Just… surprisingly so?


I have the same feeling. It’s because hardware still comes packaged with driver and OS CDs, implying they’re somehow needed in extremis

I think the hardware companies are on their end thinking “no! one of our customers will need this physical copy of our driver someday! Better keep packing it in!”


I have a plan for this contingency: when I discover I need physical media I’ll buy an external optical drive and get it in a couple days.


I already have an external optical drive in a bin next to all my could-come-in-handy cables

It sparks joy


and, since i drive a french car that is old enough to be born into the mp3-craze, so the CD-player reads mp3 data discs, yet not young enough to bring proper bluetooth integration, it sees some use every two-ish months or so, when i use the RW-capabilities of the same fiv… four discs and put on some new stuff, shuffle out some older/often skipped stuff or redo the collection of tracks that goes onto the disc, and then i’ll ride with that heavy rotation list of ~80ish tracks for a while…

*: during summer, yes, also this one. the shorter, album version.


it’s okay that you’re concerned about this but

  1. you’re still securing the GPU into brackets with screws
  2. it’s not bolted in or anything so you can just toss it
  3. it’s on sale at a bunch of places for 50 bucks right now (well, the version without a PSU but you already have an SFX PSU right? you wouldn’t be posting in the ITX thread without owning an SFX PSU would you?)


do you want to know a secret

your GPU is probably sagging in your ATX case already


I’m probably coming off as a jerk right now, to which I say, don’t take me too seriously, it’s all in jest

honestly though, you own a SFX PSU, right


the whole situation between my case and GPU and motherboard definitely involves a little bit of bending but so far no one in there has complained


I think comparing the sinful acts you commit in the name of overstuffing to the natural course of gravity is a little off but I guess that also counts


no I don’t but obviously I would want corsairs new 600 watt platinum sfx power supply and an equally excessive and pointless 70 dollar cablemod pro cable kit anyway and not some bundled one


the bundled cables with the newer plat SF600 are already corded though

speaking as someone with the old, boring SF600, yeah, fuck the old cables


they’re not CARBON colored though


also they’re making an SF750

that’s 750 watts!

that’s “I’m putting a goddamn 9900k and Vega 64 in an ITX build and overclocking them heavily for some reason” level of nonsense


can we just have a pinned post saying you only need more than 5-600 watts if you don’t want to hear the fan spinning, are running a mining rig or buying an AMD GPU


Hmmm they still make a couple Xeon ITX boards right

This will be my greatest challenge yet in getting work to pay for something