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Well, google’s involved.


oh Jesus fucking Christ

I’m assuming opera can’t even work around this without dropping upstream chromium which they’re totally unable to do

this is like The One Thing that could get me to use Firefox


also I just checked and apparently firefox builds with clang and does site sandboxing and hardware decoding of vp9 (on non-Linux) properly and that’s all just in the past year or so and those were outstanding reasons I had in my head for not using it so

what the hell, let’s go




Giving myself some leeway that something goes catastrophically wrong, but it’s up and running.


I posted that photo on my livejournal the first time I had sex


yeah firefox is a lot better now but i have reservations after the mr robot/cliqz/ incidents

like are they going to follow suit in 6 months


I’ve been vocal about how I’ve never liked gecko or mozilla’s corporate culture lest it seem like I’m doing a total 180 here but I don’t think those are really comparable, I mostly thought those incidents were all funny for how much they were bound to irritate the EFF “base,” I don’t think they point to mozilla having any vested financial interest in displaying web ads

anyway I am pleased that a lot of the low-level stuff that still wasn’t there in 2017 when they were making a fuss about how they rewrote the browser now for the most part is, so I’m glad I had the excuse to check in


Well, everyone was right, extra fans were probably overkill, but at least this thing runs almost completely silent.

Messing with emulation and Dolphin, I guess, will take some tweaking. We Love Katamari runs super well unless I’m trying to go overboard on rendering/AA. And old Mortal Kombat 9 runs as well as I could ask.

So yeah, I guess no rush to get a GPU anytime soon. This kinda does what I need so far.


Firefox since Quantum has been quite usable and it’s been my primary browser for … about nine months? It’s rough around the edges in certain ways that occasionally make me miss Chrome but never enough to get under my skin.

Yeah, Mozilla’s corporate culture sucks for a few reasons, and they often fight to the death for some really picayune things then let, like, DRM be part of the HTML spec with little more than a pro-forma battle, but they’re the only browser vendor left in town that isn’t increasingly user-hostile.


anyone know how this turned out? looks like an Actually Good refresh of the ie3 exclusive (?) to asian markets


everything you could possibly want to know

seems like it’s basically exactly what you’d want it to be. some people don’t like the coating on the mouse, I guess? also it’s expensive


what have I done


I need to block this thread


Here’s a good review from a youtuber you can trust on these things.


I keep getting antsy and want to buy a case and power supply but then I remember the node 202 uses a riser card and I’m assuming it’s not as simple as just passing through the signal or whatnot so I’m going to have to wait for them to update the case if I bothered to wait all this time for pcie 4 or 5.0


Are there other-market riser cards? The riser’s only real function is to perform the 90-degree turn, you have a couple mm of play.


all the aftermarket ones I’ve seen (and it looks like theres “4.0 ready” ones already whatever that means) are a flexible ribbon cable type deal, the one with the case looks like a vertical board, would the card still be held in place?

anyway I just know if I bought the thing now they’ll announce the node 202+ or 203 with updated riser card and external magnetic dust filters tomorrow


I’m still not even thinking about an upgrade until there’s like 5nm chips in wide use which will probably be most of the way into next generation unless my 3570K proves extremely not viable for console ports by like 2022 but the node 202 definitely looks like the form factor to beat, though I actually wish it had an optical drive slot? I bought a half height BDRW for my SG05 back in 2013 and it’s been useful a few times. I know I could use get a USB one but still.


I think it would be fine, I’ll pop mine open tonight and check.

Mine came with magnetic dust filters, and it’s a good thing because mounted internally it touches the CPU fan. There are three of them: CPU fan vent, power supply intake, GPU intake. Oh, and I switched to a 250w blower GPU and bumped the power supply up and haven’t had issues; GPU’s a bit loud but doesn’t throttle or get too hot.


I’m sorry sir, I think you want our other thread, “Beefing to ATX: should I reinforce my floorboards?”