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that sucks! what case isn’t going to have at least a front and a back fan?


back… fan?

it’s got the PSU fan, that is the back


Ordered another CPU. Gonna try to get my coworker’s absurd giant cooler back to him, assuming I didn’t break that thing, too.

Well y’all, thanks anyway. Here’s hoping I don’t fuck it up tomorrow (and that the pins really are intact on that CPU and not broken off inside the motherboard because fuck me if that’s the case).


FYI this was probably the source of your fuckup

I’ve never had a single problem just popping the stock Intel coolers on


Oh I’m absolutely sure. It’s whatever the giant RGB heat pipe thing that comes with the Ryzen 7 is (he gave that one instead of the stock cooler for reasons unknown!). It absolutely dwarfs the poor motherboard and is probably absolutely for a much physically larger build, I gotta imagine.


So hot air from the cpu cooler just…? Goes through the psu? Or what?


sure, why not?

it never goes over 85c with a mild overclock and I save on heating bills

also, I’m not sure if you’ve ever seen like an SG-05, but it barely has sides and the front fan easily blows out the back right on its own the same way the CPU fan easily blows straight up out the top


(there is no “back left” or indeed “left” because the entire side is obscured by the GPU which runs the entire length of the case, and ventilates directly outward)


As far as the case I have goes, the main fan that pulls air in from the front is an absurd 200mm or something. As big as the entire front of the case.

I put the little fans on the back as a “oh no what if I need it to push air out”, but I guess it’s possible that the case fan might be big enough to pull cool air in and blow hot air out the back on its own.


85c seems pretty hot but if you’re happy with it that’s… cool

It still doesn’t seem ridiculous that an itx board have more than 2 fan headers?


Intel must be, because their stock fan doesn’t even spin up the whole way until it hits that magic number


If you are not doing it like a FANatic, it is never going to be FANtastic… sorry… it’s too late for any sensible context, so just enjoy the huge overprovisioning re:case fans.

As can be seen from that build, there are basically two chambers separated by the GPU, from the left i push in air towards the GPU, onthe right i do the same, and try to suck it out at the back…
Anyway, if you have fancier case fans, they do have arrows on them to show you the direction of the airflow, pay attention there.

Also also, in rare cases the power supply offers an option of connecting fans, and if it’s extra-fancy, it’ll continue providing air-supply for a minute or so before switching off automatically.

Good Luck on the build tomorrow!
Let us know how it went.


Ah, thanks!

Unfortunately my PSU doesn’t seem that fancy. Hence my getting that Y-cable.

If it helps any, the case I got was Thermaltake’s V1 Core mini-ITX case, and I got whatever the best reviewed Gigabyte motherboard was for around $120. Pretty sure it just has the two headers for the case fan and the CPU fan. It’s pretty compact!

Probably kneecapped myself doing a small build right out of the gate, but I honestly didn’t want anything fancy. Just something compact that would let me run Dolphin without shelling out for a GPU, at least not right away.



modern consumer CPUs are LPGA

the pins are in the socket, not on the CPU

if a pin is knackered, that would necessitate a new motherboard


I cannot stress enough that this is the first computer I’ve ever tried to build, and know very little about them.


I’m pretty sure that’s only intel? Socket AM4 is still… A socket


that is fine, don’t take my post as haughty or anything

just trying to make sure you don’t leave yourself holding two perfectly good cpus and a dead mobo

(I would heartily recommend getting someone to test the CPU in their own board to make sure it’s still in working condition)

okay, look, I shoved my CPU in there last year and haven’t bothered looking since, we can all be wrong sometimes shut up

edit: oh, I was thinking of Threadripper. …TR is consumer of a sort!


It’s OK! Just emphasizing how outta my comfort zone this whole thing has been.

Anyway, shy of getting some dude with a jeweler loupe and some fine tweezers to bend pins back into place, I’m pretty sure this CPU is in, uh, very bad shape.


I hear tell the cool kids use a razor blade and several tons of patience


Some older processors had pins perfectly sized to fit in the end of a mechanical pencil, but I’m guessing that newer CPUs have much finer pins