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young tories are far, far worse than even typical tech yuppies

or anyone else


the new goog phones look ok for the money though


whenever I see big UK tech firms depicted in TV or movies the people there seem like evil incarnate so I’m not sure how much adjusting for perception there is there


the phones do look good though! plastic + OLED is great, adequate support timeframe for android, price is reasonable, design is conservative but not actively bad in any way


anyway the one feature Edge has that I really want to see merged into chrome is a GPU codepath for encrypted video (Netflix, most subscription streaming services); chrome and firefox will currently only pass unencrypted video to the GPU


What are they (local branches of US ones)?

I guess Sage maybe


hey i saw some 2012 Dell laptop up for AU$200 (last i checked we’re pretty much at parity with the CAD)

Dell i7-3612QM 2.10GHz
HD Graphics 4000
15.6" Full HD Display

does that sound worth checking out? i have a PS4 for games and a big phone for most day-to-day stuff, but i kinda want something i can type and make things on and do x86 stuff with

(though music production is one of the things i’d like to do and maybe that’s a bit hopeful)


it won’t be woefully inadequate but it will be kind of clunky and that CPU is about to stop being as surprisingly OK as it’s been for a long time

not awful for $200 but idk

you can do a lot better for $3-400 but if that’s out of your budget, not having access to a real computer does suck so I don’t want to talk you out of it


Is this new old stock from Dell? or new old stock from…somewhere else? or a refurb? (from where?)


That looks about as great as my stupid mac laptop, which sometimes has trouble with this site. Is it a latitude or inspiron? Latitudes are pretty easy to expand and upgrade but you’d be stuck with that CPU


I have a 13 or 14 inch Latitude with a 3.2ghz, 2 core/4 thread i5, from that generation of CPUs (Ivy Bridge). Its still a great laptop (Latitude E6330). Its a little heavy compared to modern stuff. And sometimes it’d be nice to have some newer video and GPU features. But the CPU is still competitive and overall----it works pretty great. backlit keyboard.

I bought mine 3 years ago, for $299, as a refurb, which looked like it was absolutely brand new in every way. I spent a few bucks and put $16gb of ram in it. It came with 4Gb.

I would try to check around for a slightly newer model with a 1 or 2 gen newer CPU. As they did have some pretty big advancements with low power usage, in Haswell and Broadwell. But if you can’t find a reasonably close deal-----this one should be pretty nice.


nah i’m definitely ok spending a bit more to get something much better. i’m honestly doing ok without a real computer, but i do kind of miss not being able to like, manipulate files or pretend i’m gonna make a twine game

@falsedan @Toptube it’s a second hand one! idk if it’s latitude or inspiron but it looks kinda cheap

someone’s selling a Samsung RC520 in ‘working condition’ for $300 but they’re listing things like Office 2016 and VLC as added value so uh hm


15’6 inch display
Intel i5 Processor, i5-2410M @ 2.3Ghz @.3Ghz quad core
DVD RW drive
Geforce 520M graphics processor / Intel HD 3000 on board

but uh Felix (or anyone) if you have better ideas i am 100% ears. i’m fine to wait a while if it’s like, time to wait a while, i’m just real stingy

honestly i should just not open facebook marketplace


That i5-2410 is even older. Its a Sandy Bridge. The model number starts with a “2”. I wouldn’t get anything older than an Ivy Bridge (model numbers start with 3). But for mobile in 2019, I would stress at least Haswell.

Here’s a quick list:

Sandy Bridge - 2
Ivy Bridge - 3
Haswell - 4
Broadwell - 5
Skylake - 6
Kabylake - 7
Coffelake - 8
Cannonlake - 9

I dunno what Australia’s like for buying stuff. But maybe look around on Amazon for certified refurbs. That’s how I got my Dell and it was a very good experience.


Here are couple of examples from Amazon. But I dunno if they are viable for buying in Australia:

Here is a 2 core/ 4 thread coffee lake which turbos to 3.4ghz on both cores

Here is a 14 inch Haswell 2 core/4 thread 3.3ghz turbo, backlit keyboard

Oh, here’s a dual core/4 thread Ryzen Lenovo laptop. 3.5ghz turbo. Brand new, not a refurb. Its even the refreshed version of Ryzen.


also, immediately swap the mechanical harddrive for an ssd. you can get a good-enough ssd for $30 or less and put the mechanical harddrive in a $13 usb 3.0 enclosure. that’s the best thing you can do for perceived responsiveness and will make your laptop feel not entirely different from a more contemporary one.


In an unexpected turn of events, I got an arts grant from the Finnish National Opera to prototype a VR piece for them. I can probably borrow a Vive, but I definitely need a VR-capable laptop.

Is there anything wrong with this ASUS ROG laptop with an RTX 2070 for $1699?


IF you are looking to VR on a laptop, that or something like it, is gonna be ideal. And that’s because you are getting the full mobile GPU. Not the cut down power saving version.

Keep in mind----a 2070 is considered mid-high range. Its targeted to excel at 2K or less. So, 60fps at high/max settings. and can do 4K at about 30fps.
So for VR, I think that would mean an optimal point of 720p for each eye?


Thanks! It’s funny, I had looked on Dell’s website earlier and, maybe because I was in the wrong category, it only showed me overpriced Alienwares for laptops with 8GB graphics cards.

I’m not sure which laptop to get. The Dell is more expensive once I factor in upping the drive to 512GB. And, despite the Max-Q being appealing in terms of ergonomics, the performance (particularly in Dell’s implementation) is dipping below mobile 2060 max-p configurations which is … not terrible, but feels a little lower-midrange by desktop standards?

Whoops, I replied to your old message. Yeah, I deliberately sought a max-p card. And the 1070 version of that laptop got nice reviews. But I wanted reassurance because that’s a lot of money!


Yeah I noticed that Dell was a slim gaming laptop, with the downclocked Max-Q version of the 2070. So I deleted the post. I made some edits above.


After some peeking around, I dunno if you will find a better deal than that, on a 2070. Microcenter often has provided you have one near enough to take advantage.