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Here’s an HP on newegg. its a 128gb SSD + 1Tb HDD and I think the only extra it has, which the Asus may not, is a thunderbolt port. *Oh its a touch screen, too.
the coupon code right on the page there, takes an extra $20 off


Good catch! Having a thunderbolt port is a big plus. And it is helpful that B&H has it in stock because I need it ASAP (first check-in is in 2.5 weeks and we have to be chosen over four other teams to continue).

On a purely petty note, I’m glad it doesn’t have special WASD keys because I ESDF and that honestly would have slightly annoyed me every time I looked at the ASUS laptop’s keyboard.

Also, I’m glad that they used 1 x 16GB SO-DIMM module because I wanted 32GB of RAM anyway and in this configuration I only have to add a module rather than replace 2 x 8GB SO-DIMMs. The small SSD isn’t a problem because I have a 512GB SSD that I harvested from my recently-deceased desktop that I can put in that SATA port.

Thanks @Toptube!


Is Chocolatey still the package manager of choice? Are there some apps (or categories of apps) that are not worth using Chocolatey for?


That HP dc1040nr turned out to be a lemon. It’s actually a Max-Q in there, despite the text on HP’s website, Newegg’s website, B&H’s website, etc, and the build quality is around the level of a 2003-era budget Dell, no exaggeration. (Also the trackpad was garbage.)

Fortunately B&H took it back since the specs didn’t match what was advertised and they pricematched Microcenter for the ASUS laptop which, well, certainly doesn’t feel like a MacBook Pro but feels appropriate for a high-midrange/low-high-end laptop (as in, I wouldn’t be surprised if it lasted three+ years, whereas I would have been astonished if the HP didn’t split apart after 9 months).

I gotta say – it’s wild that HP mislabeled their hardware, but maybe not surprising considering the total lack of attention they paid to every other aspect of the laptop (the packaging was so badly designed that they didn’t take into consider the added thickness of folds in the plastic wrap resulting in each laptop having a little scuff on its flimsy Pez-dispenser plastic lid).


Wow, bummer. That’s cool you were able to quickly swap for the Asus!


the good gen Xers have been piping up lately


How’s things with that Asus?


do uwp apps always forget window size / positioning or what
love onenote but jesus


It has all the problems inherent to a gaming laptop but it does what one would expect of it. It’s no better or worse than the equivalent Acer. (MSI laptops were out of the running – the department I teach in uses them and they have trash build quality and screens.)


what’s the equivalent event in catholic church history that led to a decline such as the current one in Intel Macbooks right when we all thought we were on the verge of permanent salvation and now we have to buy these things again

how many CUDA cores do you need for postmillenialism


rerum novarum is actually about free software


I just named a commit “strip away logger’s finery” so you know I’m really committed to this bit


I guess Razer makes some out of a single piece of aluminum. But they start at $2,000


I don’t want to speak for dongle but I don’t think it’s about aluminum, but more about perceived durability, viewing angles, etc. dell has made some great mostly-plastic machines in the past half decade but once you go up to 15"+ and GPUs, things usually get pretty dire

for that matter my favourite macbooks are still the white ones from 2006


It’s true! I have a utilitarian view of my hardware since I try to buy / upgrade at a very modest pace so durability drives my estimated amortization of the cost of a computer moderately more than the specs. I wind up doing international travel for work/art about once per year and a large amount of my day-today work and teaching requires mobility so I need a laptop than can take some wear and tear. I’m not particularly hard on my laptops: my 6 year old MacBook Pro looks like new aside from the chipped rubber around the edge of the screen (due to age) but various Dells (in the 15"+ w/ dGPU category that Felix correctly guessed was my target) I’ve owned have clearly needed and been intended to be replaced every three years under working conditions.


This is hilarious to me because I got cracks in the palm rests after five replacements on that model before the warranty ran out and they told me to put fabric tape on it.


I have one that still looks pristine

I am extremely delicate


Dell definitely has some robust Latitude models in their recent history. I dunno what they got right now. But my 2013 fourteen incher is a tank. And my Mom’s Haswell equipped 15 incher (I think bought in 2015) is similarly tanky.


I keep my old T400 downstairs to use as a spare hammer and occasional ssh terminal


granted, TPs of yore could stand harsh environmental conditions, but being used as SSH terminals… trying to break this bastard we are, eh?

(trusty R500 still solders on in the hands of my brother as an all purpose, weapon-grade linux box for checking things when other boxes decided not to work anymore. Unbelieable what a Single-core celeron can do after all it had to endure …)