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I have a full size atx case and it went together very smoothly, fits nicely under my desk, and makes absolutely no noise (everything but the cpu fan is off when idle)

I use it maybe once a week now that I’ve built it



I’m assuming you are using the minimum cables possible.

There’s gotta be some custom cables out there for those Corsairs.

Where is the power supply exhausting? Up toward the top of the case? If not, it should be.

Looks like RX580 with coolers like that, should be around 65-70C during a demanding game, with decent airflow. What’s your average game temp?

Also, have you taken the GPU fans off and tested clearance for those slim noctuas? If they fit, I would smack two of those onto the GPU. I have two on my own, right now! Hell, you might be able to get three in there! And try push vs. pull.

Its usually a little worse cooling for your CPU, but have you tried flipping the CPU fan to pull instead of push? It would then become a sort of exhaust. As I said before, its generally best in small cases, to just intake as much as possible. But every case IS different. and half the fun is trying stuff.


otoh, he’s false dan, after all :thinking:

i love the love for noctua fans here, and have been wondering since seeing that dan case whether it couldn’t be used as a NAS-case with a pci-x card for multiple m2 ssds… that would make 4+ sata-ports instantly obsolete, internal vega-gpu for busywork is set anyway, only thing is finding a mitx board for amd that is 150x150… :thinking:

talking about e. g. that kind of beast here:


last two pics are hellish, i salute your tetris skills…


there’s plenty of custom cables, I’m just lazy and haven’t been shopping on Etsy for exactly the right colour scheme that expresses my unique sensibilities. The PSU vents out the top, yes

I don’t track temps? I looked at setting up a metrics colletion agent that would ship off to a cloud-based dashboard because that’s what I’m used to from work and turns out those are bad at a). windows; b). GPU temps. So I don’t care too much, if it gets too loud I lower the resolution

I’ll look at the shroud and see how hard it is for me to get off


temps are highly unimportant up until the computer emits a smell of burning or catches fire because modern hardware is pretty good about not letting you, the idiot user, fry themselves to death




Dark Souls 2 is stressing my laptop’s HD4000 to the edge. Its been showing some GPU core artifacts here or there. That’s like flickering geometry or weird geometric shapes which suddenly appear and spike out of part of the game.


closer and closer to not needing a whole miscellaneous list of Other Shit I need to install on a windows box to make it usable


oh wow they’re also implementing docker for windows linux-style so it’s just a chroot in the already-binary-compatible linux environment, so hyper-v and all that won’t be needed anymore

fuck this rules, Windows honestly hasn’t been this good (and aware) relative to its competition since like… 2002? before panther

I would still like them to write a shim for xdg-open that will invoke native windows handlers so that I can do open . stuff in WSL without having to worry about it and I probably won’t switch fulltime from mingw bash until that happens (saying nothing of but this is very good stuff really

meanwhile I’m still waiting to pull the trigger on a new macbook worth buying and I still can’t very well only have windows environments but this doesn’t make apple’s offerings any more attractive


even chredge is pretty decent
my main browser on windows after the mozilla shit up the other day


the funniest part of chredge to me is how many negative knock-on effects to chrome have come from merging all of the windows-aware codepaths into chromium.

like, a few months ago chrome on windows was suddenly aware of windows DPI scaling in the blurriest shittiest way and I had to go find the shortcut arguments I’d used on linux years ago to disable it (no such luck with some other electron apps of course), and last month it became aware of windows’ dark mode settings, except they look hideous in chrome and there’s now no way to stop it from using your system setting

meanwhile they haven’t actually enabled hevc decoding or all of the GPU raster stuff that chromium only wires up on mac or CrOS though I imagine they will eventually


so I keep getting an unable to connect to proxy error on windows 10 and the only thing that fixes it is running netsh winsock reset as administrator and rebooting

has anyone encountered anything like this before? I can’t for the life of me get to the bottom of this to find a permanent fix.


is it on resume from suspend? I have a notebook wifi chipset that I stuck in my ITX desktop and it had this problem:


my PC isn’t set to sleep at all. it just kind of happens every other day or so


well if you had it sleep periodically then it would also reconnect to the network periodically, maybe save some energy while you’re at it


Speaking of saving energy see if this helps:

Device Manager -> your network adapter -> properties -> power/energy/whatever tab -> disable turn off this device to save power


if you do that you can’t wake on lan though!!!


this is sort of a sidebar to the thread but

as much goodwill has come off of google in recent years I still think their workforce is actually much better at holding them to account than many other companies in their position?

like I previously mentioned this semi-seriously as a comparison to mozilla whose employees always give me serious invasion of the body snatchers vibes but I think it’s a huge differentiator vs microsoft as well


the couple of google people i’ve met gave me even worse vibes

the young tory kind


I share this perception. Based on personal experience, it seems to me that Google allows people who haven’t drunk the koolaid to advance further in their careers than many comparable companies.

sure, but imo that’s just the intersection of being upwardly-mobile combined with being used as a positive example in the rhetoric of our neoliberal technocracy and is endemic to many techworkers.