This thread is for people who aren't suckers who buy cars.

For some reason I wanted to Say Things in the car thread but felt that it would be weird, because I have never owned a car, don’t want to, don’t know much about them, and think they’re bad.

So I made this thread out of jealousy and spite.

Talk about your lives without cars and how they’re a constant party!


I mean as much as living somewhere where I have to drive to get places makes me instantaneously miserable, I still love cars

the problem is with suburban development, not periodic motoring


Let’s get two things out of the way:

  1. Throughout most of America, a car is basically required.

  2. Cars are objectively bad for everyone and everything, and if you have one you’re a bad person. Public transportation is king rat. Hail the rat king. Hail hail.

Caveat: it’s okay to have a small number of cars for industrial reasons and mass entertainment or in zoos.

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If you don’t like the bus you’re a racist, and I’ll dig up That Toll Post, if I have to.

I don’t like cars or buses.
I like trains.


nobody likes the bus more than a train, you just carry gravol on you and get over it

cars make me motion sick. and the steering wheel being on one side is weird, it should be in the center! why can’t i just drive over the sidewalk and through the grass like in gta.

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The great thing about trains is that until we have teleportation, trains will fundamentally be the most efficient and best form of public conveyance, so there is a very real chance that there will in fact be a Galaxy Express in the distant future.

And if we keep up the mythology, one of them could have the number 999.



Man. We need more Positive Train Fiction.

It makes me sick what Ayn Rand did to the portrayal of trains in media.

It’s like if you bottled a tiger’s strength and sold it to tiger murderers. It’s exactly like that.


trains always seemed like the coolest mode of transportation. and the mode that seemed the most safest.


Will take you on a journey. A never ending journey.





and bikes! I love my bike so much

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i’m glad i live next to the tram line and have two wonderful exes whose cars i can borrow

but sometimes i’m like, maybe it’s time to have a car again

oh yeah they are hugely ideologically bad in principle and all that for sure, no question

can’t sit down and listen to tunes and have all your stuff in the next seat over on a bike though

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I got ear buds and a rear rack I’m good :slight_smile:

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trains wanna take you for a ride

and a front rack! but no bags I can put on it without making it hard for me to shift

honestly one of the things that makes me most secure in the knowledge that I will need to be composted before we can achieve the ecosocialist singularity is that every time I look at my car I am filled with love and affection and every time I look at my bike I hate it like a disappointing child


the future belongs to the car and not the train