Same here. Have not had bullet dlientation problem at the least.

Like I hate to be an internet troubleshooting comment but hmmph. Might be worth messaging the developers with your info about that one.

That sucks! And there are games with bullet problems. This is not one at all for me.


just beat the princess for the first time and then in the frenzy section after that I died quite a few times and went down to what i assume is the lowest level ship… not sure what happens if you dont take hits in that section, let me know if you do

then i had a go at the save-destroying boss and made it maybe 1.5 mins in? it seems pretty easy! thats nice cause idk if i would bother trying to get up to it again if it was super hard

game is real good yeah


just played through the first loop while always shooting the marbles at the end of the stage so i dont get any extra shots. im at 2-1 now and nothing has happened so far. maybe stage 3 boss will have something or maybe i just wont be able to continue unless i get the blade/drill


Steam seems to say there is nothing to see. Except…i got a different version of the undertale boss where he told me a story and then after I died I had a special attract mode showing the story of the game.


Our frothing demand increases

IGN Japan calls it a masterpiece and Yokotaro calls it “the true shooter of my soul.”


Oh wow! :partying_face:


Correction yokotaro was just quoting the ign article saying I have to play this.


Hey I am going to open my laptop and try to translate this review very quickly.



Burning gay masterpiece indeed


Still awaiting rudie’s translation.

I’m rly bad at the score stuff in these games so if someone can tell me what happens with bonuses and the orange enemies and how to score extra lives that’d be greatly appreciated xoxo


This is green and orange?!

This game is incredible. It makes me feel alive and like I love videogames.


Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out exactly how this works.


extends work like any other STG, you get em by scoring
the score counter fills from orange to yellow indicating how close to an extend you are

the first few are really cheap, ex: a decent stage 1 run will get you 3 extends.

scoring is a simple chain multiplier: hit things to increase your multiplier, which maxes out (MAXIMUM) at 6.4x. at a certain point (robotform!) this limit is doubled. The score counter will run down when you aren’t killing things,when you scrape a wall or collide with something, or when you die. the higher your multiplier is, the more quickly it runs down when not killing things, though the difference is pretty small i think.

  • get the bonus items if you can find them, there’s 3 per stage, i can post the locations of the ones i know about if you like. they are at least worth one extend on their own if you collect all three in a stage.

  • orange enemies are extras: they appear when you destroy a green enemy wave quickly enough

  • those ships that reveal a skull-face when you blast them enough: when you do that, the skull will release eight big flower bullets which can be destroyed and have high base value. if you can time it right, these are The Big Score

  • you can get double the score off of most big enemies if you keep shooting them for about a third of a second after they’re down: they will flash white when it happens

  • there are a few secret 1up items hidden about that i know of

NOCODE’S BURNING QUESTION: does this game have a rank system


thank you so much for this. i guess i just assumed the scoring system was more complex than that so i basically ignored it. im definitely gonna try get some scores now!


Current mood: There is only one good videogame and it is called ZeroRanger.


I’m not 100% sure I love this game. I can’t get past stage 2?? Maybe I just suck.

I mean, I like it more than I’ve liked a shooter in a while but it’s not, like…mind-blowing to me. I’ve only played it for about an hour though.

@Rudie @boojiboy7 should I listen to the hinge problems about this game or should I wait like 4 months until I have beaten more of it?


You amass total continues each time you game over based on score so it can be harder at first when you only have 1 or 2 (or none) to work with. When you game over you can just select any stage you’ve unlocked to start from with all your powerups and the full allotment of continues you’ve earned. Once you’ve got around 4-5 you’re pretty set up to grind through each stage as you go so it does get a lot easier in that regard.


I have stuff to do but fuck it I’ll go play this right now


Okay, I got to stage 4, I get it now.