did you all notice the evil vic viper in the background of the first episode blowing up enemies and snatching an upgrade


No idea what the etiquette is for like, which thread to post in. My laptop is standing sideways on my coffee table and I’m playing this game really loud. I think I got real close to beating stage 4. I submitted my major project for the end of my degree a few days ago and it was all about the colour orange… Now this is the first game I play after that. Real weird


STGs are consistently the most poetic videogames by miles


I keep re-reading this and it might as well be spam mail.


Aaahhhhhhhh this game!


Oh, this thing is available standalone through Itch so I might actually be able to buy this for my lunch break at work


Man, the hand lady in 2-4 is kicking my butt.

Saw this post on the game’s community page today, thought folks might be interested:



Good to know!

On the skull boss . I revisited it last night to see why the non-shooters had such a problem with it. I beat it in one life and well the advice seems condescending (all advice for a shooter seems condescending). You need to accept and know you just can’t hit the boss for a while as you navigate the giant bullets. Like don’t even pay attention to the boss at that point just concentrate on staying alive.


Yeah, that boss isn’t a problem for me, it’s the next one that eats all my continues, even if I cheese it with the drill.


can someone tell me what to do at the end of version 2 of level 3…


what happened the first time?


I just got to the true final boss and had a bad time. I had only one life left and no continues at that point. I didn’t know what to do and died immediately. The game deleted my save entirely and now I have to fight my way back there. It’s not totally inexcusable since it’s a shmup and meant to be replayed anyway, but that is still total bullshit.


THEY TOLD YOU THE STAKES DOG. It was a one way trip. They made sure you were okay with it.

And you uhhh lost all your continues and lives anyways when the trip happened. You literally had one try no matter what.

I did this last night and failed and it was incredible.

Can’t wait to try again soon


While the stakes were clear, I felt it was a bit unfair to throw me into almost certain failure, considering it gives you a whole new “ship” and totally different way to deal damage. I spent about 10 seconds trying to figure out how to shoot before getting game over.

The game is still fantastic, I just felt that bit could have been done better. I do plan to get back there some time soon.


The demo is great!

Zero Ranger is The Seven Dollar Lunch Special at Your Local Chinese Restaurant of video games.


I’ve been playing the demo on my lunch break this week and I’m having a hard time with the contrast between orange bullets and prominently orange backgrounds (like the bit with the Mushihimesama powerups right before the demo stage 1 boss). I love the aesthetic the game is going for but the lack of contrast for these kinds of sections is really throwing me off, and deaths in those sections feel unfair because it isn’t that the patterns are hard to dodge or anything but just that I can’t see the bullets well enough to dodge them. Does the full version of the game have high-contrast accessibility settings or do I just have to get used to it? Are there even enough of these sections in the full game for it to be an issue?


There’s a colorblind mode


But this isn’t an issue a colorblind filter would fix. The problem isn’t that I can’t tell the colors apart, it’s that they’re the same color.


yeah I tried the filter and it did not fix this problem for me


Strange, I don’t have that problem…