When you’re done with the first few runs of AC7, you’ll be left craving for more, and that’s where AC5 will come in handy.

Also, if you compare 4,5,0,6 - each has its own take on a certain topic, so i hope… Guess… Assume that it will be the same with 7.

Only 3h and 4min left. :sunglasses: … not that i will start playing it yet, but to know that I could - that’s good enough already.

Tho i cannot guarantee that i won’t jump out of bed tomorrow morning and switch on the PS4 just to watch the intro for the first time, like a 10 year old boy. Who knows when, or if, i will ever be so hyped for software!


So I checked out some reviews and obviously I’m not going to spoil anything but I want to report back as to what I’ve heard.

VR is really good and worth the price alone! I now hope I’ll have a VR headset in a year’s time when the PSVR exclusivity ends.

One reviewer said the music is not as good as previous AC games and one said it’s amazing, so I dunno??

It’s a hard game and checkpoints are set up to make it more challenging, so, wait for it… it’s the Dark Souls of Ace Combat games (boooo, I know, I know) But yeah, the missions are designed super well and they’re all interesting puzzles. Aircraft choice matters a lot and so does paying attention to the briefing and radio chatter, otherwise you’ll fail. And because of the checkpoints when you fail you’ll have to replay a huge portion of the mission

It seems we’ve got a banger on our hands, IF you’re into somewhat frustrating games. I’m actually not but I think I still want to buy it come February

sorry, I had to


yeah this is quite positive and written in such a way as to sound very plausible!


y’know if I were Namco and I’d revived like, more than half of my most beloved franchises from the late 90s and early 2000s in the space of a year and a half (yes I know tekken never really went away and its console port was way after japanese arcades) without a single major flop I’d be feeling pretty good right now


They are on fire right now for sure. All hits no misses



right? Like Soul Calibur 6 wasn’t amazing and Katamari was just a blessedly unobjectionable remaster but whoever sat in a meeting and was like “we’re just gonna do our PS1 and PS2 games again but like with real budgets and not in the vein of their crufty PS3-era sequels with their dwindling audiences” was really onto something

It doesn’t even feel like they’re looking too far backwards because (like EAD) they finally went “OK what was good about these in the first place?”

like Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t even exist anymore and we got this


Yeah they definitely somehow found what’s pure and good about them. Soul Calibur 6 is actually my favorite example for this because that series had fallen the furthest from what it once was. I mean just look at the previous couple entries. So much could have gone wrong with SC6 and it’s a damn miracle it didn’t. I wonder who’s responsible for this shift in philosophy at the company but either way it’s a great time for them and their IPs


have they actually said they’re going to port the VR content to other platforms? I’m still torn on what to get this on


I’ve heard it said several times that the VR content is a timed exclusive and that it will come to PC but that’s from reviewers. I didn’t see an official statement but I guess it must be out there? “Other platforms” is funny because only PC has VR besides Playstation - or are you holding out for Hololense or whatever the xbox thing is? ;D


Okay, so I can’t find an official statement that the psvr deal is timed. We’ll see but I guess don’t hold your breath


nah I have a Windows headset and a sea of library shims to play Steam/Oculus stuff so it’s all a wash to me, it’s just that Polybius and RE7 haven’t really managed the PC VR port thing yet so I wouldn’t expect much there


I really hope I don’t spend all day waiting for this package to show up!!


Oh I didn’t know that Resi7 VR isn’t on PC yet… Guess the market isn’t really there for it to make sense then…


Good news?


they somehow ported it only to Steam and made it only support Oculus hardware which makes Revive (which normally makes Oculus Store games work on Vive/WMR) not work


Ahhh boo that sucks. I wouldn’t wait on Minter to fix it either. His previous stuff on steam has gone through waves of just not getting fixed at various times.


hence why I now own a PSVR

I can kind of see how they wound up with an Oculus only game on Steam (best devkit/developer support + best store + not in Facebook ecosystem) but it completely defeats all of the compatibility shims


It’s installing!!


I played the first level this morning and it is good times.

Also played a bit of arcade mode in AC5 and they did some weird stuff with aspect ratios there.