That’s a nice trailer. Interesting music choice, too

It’s kind of incredible that almost everyone is using the Unreal Engine nowadays. But then it can do almost everything and it looks great, so… And you know it will run well on all systems so this shouldn’t be a bad Bandai Namco PC port either


I’m assuming it’s mostly Japanese developers you’re thinking of (or even mostly Namco), and that’s largely because a) Epic actually took Japanese documentation and support seriously during Microsoft’s big outreach push when the 360 was new and Japanese devs were having massive scoping issues and b) Japanese developers have generally used less middleware than others and that development culture still reinforces wanting the engine to get out of the way so you can do bespoke work, rather than trying to cherrypick features and share code. So it’s not too surprising that there’s so much apparent standardization.


I have to imagine that those meetings went something like:

“and here you can export all your meshes and build across platforms in a consistent way”

“wonderful, very good”

“and here’s how you initialize a camera for a first person shooter”


personally I have no complaints, whereas UE3 always had some very obvious shortcomings that would mark a game out immediately, UE4 isn’t showing anything of the sort yet and it’s been in regular use since what, 2015?


really lookin’ forward to this


Translated documentation (and support staff), the complete collapse of big-budget Japanese development in the late 2000s and its rebirth following more Western production methods, and the reality that the complexity and cost of the tech arms race is only rising and naturally leading to consolidation.

We’re dealing with this now as our bespoke engine falls further and further behind as we can’t any longer justify adding things like robust water simulation and cloud simulation. Ten years ago adding new features to meet par was much more manageable.



Sad to learn the VR is only a smaller side campaign and does not encompass the whole game.


i got the impression that the only reason that it ever got greenlit was precisely because it’s VR.



i preordered this baby for the PS4. need that VR; also nice to get the preorder bonus of AC5, which…from what i gather here, is not great?



AC5 is fine! It may not be the best one but it’s still a fun game! And iat’s the better bonus game than AC6, which is already backwards compatible on the xbone


I loved AC5 and I can’t wait to hear Puddle of Mudd on my PS4.


Steam doesn’t mention AC5 so I guess it’s not part of the PC preorder deal, right? In a way this is good because then I don’t have any reason to preorder it


PS4 preorder = AC5
XBONE preorder = AC6
PC preorder = nothing, and you get it 2 weeks later


lol yeah

seems about right!


they should have sent out ac5 a week in advance, i’m not going to end up playing it when i have the new game to play


I know right?? I had the same thought

Does anyone know if AC5 is enhanced in any way? Or is it just a straight “runs on PS4 now”?


i will play ace combat 3 instead of this.



higher resolutions, nothing else