4 is pretty nice, it’s got just the right amount of everything. If you’re gonna play one before, it’s a great choice.

Zero is also neat in how it presents its story and is good if you’re really into the world in which the games take place from 4 onward.

3 (jp) is a neat glimpse into another direction the series could have taken

2 is my favorite of the old games

1 hasn’t aged great but has a fantastic top gun rock redbook audio soundtrack


At least they didn’t block the JP Steam release (yet, maybe it just slipped through).


Many years back I picked up the Namco 50th Anniversary NamCollection, as at the time regular stateside Klonoa was very expensive and this japanese compilation which had it was much cheaper. It was a decent game, I finished it, played a bit of Drill Dozer and put it away.

This topic brought it back to my mind and when I looked it up, yeah it had Ace Combat 2 and Ridge Racer, both of which I never even considered playing (or any other in their respective series). Am I a bad person?



one week !!


I… think I’m gonna take next Saturday off work


I have finally broken down and preordered something on PSN, i am a bad person.

… and would do it again, every time, hands down.
I cannot wait for listening to the stupid fairytale from Razgriz again, and whatever new cheesy lore AC7 will add to this universe.

So :heart_eyes: !


i know if i book the friday off work, my copy won’t even arrive till the evening.

tempting though.


It’s been a while since I last called in sick to play a new game, I’m very tempted!


Go dance with an angel!



I’m so hyped! Your hype is making me hyped! It feels good to be hyped!!

Anyone want to try out the multiplayer with me on, say, Sunday?


I’m hype now too, dammit. Such hype.


Even after the darkest hype, morning always comes.


Seriously, i am so pumped and hype for this game, and have avoided any of the trailers, even though i am sooo hyped for it.

If they have at least one superweapon, cheesy in flight chatter and pseudo-mythical story or -fairytale, i am sold anyway.

With one exception, PS4 everyone, i assume?


I might buy it on PC but I don’t think I’ll have the money for it right now. Maybe in February


yeah I’m on PS4 and I can’t wait for my egregious special edition to arrive.

Might be up for some multiplayer Sunday, timezones permitting.



jeezy how many trailers has namco produced for this game?
Even their marketing department must be HYPE like hell for this game.


… thankfully, i will be able to watch all of them here, so kudos to @dracko for preserving them for weirdos like me that want to experience the joy of firing up (pun unintentional) the game for the first time and just have that magical AC feeling again :star_struck:


I bought this for PS4. I have actively not watched any of the trailers. I am hype.