lol alright, waiting for 2019 it is

Thanks! :bearded_person:



legends imo



there’s an ace combat 7 stream happening right now


hey, just realized:
less than three weeks left!

even after the darkest night, morning always comes....



i will not watch this until we’re well in 2019, because i approach this game like there will be only one AC for a decade to come, and i want to discover and soak up every tiny bit of this myself, but man, am i tempted to click on these to further dive into and amass useless knowledge about the most sinister killing machines mankind ever invented (before drones came along, ok yadda yadda).

… just wondering, if they have AC5 as bonus-content for AC7, can we have AC0 as well?.. would be funny to see solo wing pixy in a tacked on multiplayer mode, just to do a bad pun on how he’s not that solo with a few wingmen by his side… yeah… for my and your sanity, it will be better if that game does get released soon.


Just 15 days left, my love.

I have not yet picked up a HOTAS stick but everything else is ready. I… haven’t been this genuinely excited for a new vidcon release in years. Feels like I’ve been waiting ten years - and since I first played AC5 in January 2009, I guess I have. The froth is real.


I’m pretty excited too. I really thought I’d never see another AC.

Gonna put this thread on mute a few days before console launch as I’m waiting for the PC version.



i even bought the DELUXE version that probably won’t get me anything terribly interesting, but i wanted to show my full support for what will surely be our last return to strangereal for quite some time.

i’m really curious to pick up a PSVR for this and gt sport and maybe that from VR game


Valkyria Chronicles says hello! Instead of “my family has its own battle tank” it’s a jet, neat


before i cave in and, for once, “pre-order” this game on the PSN-store to get also AC5 for this:
has there been announced anywhere whether AC5 could also be bought separately? i only found stacks of news-bits mentioning that ac5 is for free on PSN, but not whether you will be able to buy ac5 separately - probably since bamco didn’t say a word about this.

Still, i am so hyped to be able to revisit this game ~~~


According to a reddit post (great) that links to a JP article, it will not be available separately. Pre-order only.


It’s funny how the comments are all baffled when this happens pretty regularly in Japan.


Artificial scarcity of a digital product is stupid no matter the region


so like

if i’ve never played an Ace Combat game, but feel like i should have (3, specifically), think it would be all right to just jump in with this one?


Yeah absolutely


Any is good, it’s not like they’re heavy on following continuity, my personal recommendation if you can is 04. I’d be surprised if this one didn’t ease newcomers in considering how long it’s been.