… music player mode?


Arsenal bird is the kicker here
Time to figure out how much of a sucker I’m gonna be for this game
(I found out there’s going to be two joysticks, one from Hori and one from Thrustmaster. Both are PC compatible so that may free up some of my sucker budget)


if they’re paywalling the sound test then I’ll laugh forever



I mean, didn’t they learn after infinity?
Idk how many people played that regularly, or whether it was actually a success in terms of $$$…
but surely, they should have realized that their AC4/5/0/6 playerbase was expecting something different, and i take the resurgence of the (supposedly?) traditional game-salespitch a sign that they believe they can make more money by doing an old fashioned release instead of F2P…

… ah well… I remembered while typing that there has been an idolmaster DLC in the game. nevermind then, if they will have sth like that return, let’s just hope its trite and useless shit that makes no importance to the game whatsoever.


I recommend Ace Combat 2. Despite not being as melodramatic as later entries, it’s actually a lot more polished than Ace Combat 1 and has less of that arcadeish vibe (vibe, because every game in the series is an arcade game in terms of mechanics).

also has that sweet fusion rock of late 90s.


I expect nothing less from Bamco


I don’t buy special editions cause i hate having plastic junk in my house but some patches and an artbook might be cool idk

ditto lul for paywall-locked sound test

can i play this with my neGcon?


I had great results playing DiRT Rally with my neGcon using a PS2 to USB adapter on my PC, so maybe!?


that’s a thing?? did you need to modify it or use any kind of specialized programs?


Nope! Adapter gets picked up as a DirectInput device and all the axes seem to get picked up okay. It helps if the game has control sensitivity configuration, which DiRT Rally does, but the analog buttons, trigger and twist all mapped fine.




huh, there’s more Infinity in this than I thought there was. Hope the unlock costs and part strength are scaled well.


jesus. hasn’t BAMCO learned a thing, or was Infinity actually successful™?


The worst part of Infinity was the free-to-play baggage. Outside of that it was a pretty enjoyable matchmaking-oriented team dogfight game, and very similar to what Project Aces were doing with Ace Combat 6’s online multi. Ideally with it hitting a wider range of platforms this time it’ll shine a little brighter.


I haven’t played any other ace combat game but ya’ll ELECTROSPHERE is so good and thinking back on the story and music lifts my spirits often


There’s no other game like it in the series! It’s a real trip, even by today’s standards. It’s one of few games I’d actually like to see remade.


On PC we only got Assault Horizon… I checked it out years ago and didn’t get far. Is it worth revisiting?


If you’re interested in seeing How Not To Do An Ace Combat, sure!