oh no





Do I get this for PC to play on a small 4k screen or PS4 to play on a large 1080p hmmm



Very AC04 vibe in general, interesting.



Hmm, it looks like the VR version is PS4 only


From what I can see, PSVR is the cheapest and least finicky headset to get up and running, so there’s that.

But I don’t care much about VR anyway, so :dongdance:


iirc, VR will be some missions (online? Arcade?) only, or did they soften that stance…



They know how to milk us, don’t they.


The PS store blog post about it says that the AC5 pre-order bonus also applies to retail copies, which is nice. It seems kind of weird to give it as a bonus at launch though. Maybe I’m weird, but if I pre-order something I wanna play the new game - that 'ol PS2 remaster is going to sit there and be lonely

Wish the F-104 wasn’t exclusive to the most expensive version of the game


is 5 good? i’m sort of obsessed with electrosphere and enjoyed 4, but got the impression none of the others scratched the same itch.


they’re all very good mechanically, but 5 and Zero have different vibes. Probably best explained by the trailers (also the music is extremly important)

I like 5 a bit less than 4 and Zero.


They better rerelease the other two as well.


Hopefully! Meanwhile I’m looking forward to my 500€ Ace Combat Experience next year


AC1 and AC2 are pretty much just arcade games. What little story there is is about mercenary bands doing mercenary things. The commander in AC1 briefings is very, very British.

AC3:Electrosphere is your average smarter-than-average summer anime nonsense (HOLY FUCKING SHIT GUYS, THE INTERNET)

AC4 is an Academy-nominated war blockbuster.

AC5 is mid-2000s Hollywood jet porn flick aimed at teens and young adults (they licensed a Puddle of Mudd song, no joke).

ACZero is a History Channel war documentary and is also ART.

AC6 is a 2010s war blockbuster that is almost completely forgettable aside from a particular, oft-repeated phrase that had everyone in hysterics when it first came out.

AC7 is…AC4-2?!?!?!?!?


This is a great summary of the series.

I still need to play the fan translation of AC3! I even own the discs! I should really get off my butt on that one.


AC6 is the only one I got super into, but man I did love that game.