(of course, this is the moment that the sun decides to come out)


Make those skies known, km, make em known


I’m here.


maybe if AC7 is successful we can finally get a new ridge racer


This game.
One mission done, and i am in love with it… i have been missing soaring across the sky, with the chatter over the airwaves… this may be my GOTY 2019, so i am trying to enjoy this as much as i can.

Also, first mission BGM is ace-combat-worthy (i.e.: ace), so for now, definitely gets a thumbs up.

More to come!


yeah. 5 missions in and loving it.
the storytelling is so odd and exactly what i was hoping for.


My grandpa’s health took a huge hit in the last year, and he’s getting pretty old. For many years, he’s been begging me to find a flight simulator he could play on his iMac, as he used to fly small planes when he was younger, but unfortunately, none are really being released on the Mac nowadays. He’s also always been curious about the idea of virtual reality, but even though I’ve described it to him numerous times, I don’t think he really gets what modern VR is like.

I’m pretty sure the value I would get out of PSVR + AC7 wouldn’t really be worth the price, but I’m pretty sure this would blow his mind and I want him to get to experience something like this before it’s too late. So I guess I’m ordering a PSVR and this game.


get Ultrawings


It’s not really a chill flight sim game, but the VR is incredible. The ability to look around with your head makes the game feel so much better, and it was already pretty great! It’s very intense though, I had to take a break after finishing one mission.

The clouds in this game are beautiful. Mission 6 or so takes place over a desert at dusk it’s sooo pretty, too bad about all the sam sites


This game is hard

I do like that the extent of the tutorial was a few text popups that basically said

Here is the button to move around
Here is the button to make explosions
Your objective: move around and make explosions


very paternal


game rules. lovin it so far





quick question. possible Mission 4 spoilers:

so like, does this game have branching paths? i was in the mission where i’m supposed to protect the President’s chopper and somehow i accidentally blew it up. is this…part of the story, or did i screw up?


It’s part of the story.


wow, mission 5 is just destroying me. i know i’m still a total rookie at the game, but this ramp up in difficulty feels extreme.


In mission 4, tbh, I was kind of shooting in the general direction of the chopper so I thought, whoops I guess that was me🤷


Me too!

I also restarted an earlier mission to try and save Golem 2 from the orange tipped Su-30


even if i have played some of the former titles, i had to redo that and the next mission a few times, since i got too distracted chasing some random bandits, and forgot about the mission objective… it’s key to follow the given instructions (e. g. go after X or Y), i thought someone pointed that out here but i couldn’t find it(?)