that looks like the Rule of Rose logo on the tail of that plane.


Mission 7 or whatever with the lightning is just a kick in the junk over and over


Yeah that one is Rough As Hell.

Flying above the clouds when you can is a very good idea there.


i love that mission

and this game !!


a lot of what I’ve seen with the loadouts has been making me think this will scratch my armored core itch


I don’t mean to say that it’s not a good level (it makes really good use of environment!!) just that it’s hard and the random and startling effects are jarring (intentionally so!)

Was kind of pissed to be almost done then I got zapped and flew directly into an obstacle

The punishing missions work well with the story, I can only think of a handful of games that are actively and deliberately hostile toward the player


im constantly amazed how happy i am just to reset on a 20 minute mission


really wishing i had a flight stick for this!


I’m definitely keeping on eye on the flight stick if it ever goes on sale. The VR is so cool that combining the two would be really mind blowing.


AC5 looks surprisingly good for what you’d expect of a thrown together PS2 Classic. It’s like 17 gigs so hell it might have higher quality assets than the norm for these? Trophies too. I’d be shocked if they don’t sell it standalone.


Oh yeah, I never got a code for ac5? Was it supposed to be in the box or something?


I’m not sure, I preordered digitally and it came with it then. I would think there should’ve been a code in the box though yeah!


I got the code via email. Pre-ordered through amazon, dunno if that helps


Hmmm me too

I’ll just wait a day, I’m not in a rush


any advice for Mission 5? i honestly have no idea what i’m doing wrong. i feel like i’m eliminating the targets and contending with the enemy fighters as quickly as possible, but some sequence keeps triggering where it says the mission has failed. i cannot figure out what the game wants me to be doing that i’m not already doing.


Just take out the TGT tagged bombers as fast as possible, as I recall. Ignore the non TGT fighters.


ok. i figured it was probably this. been trying to, but it’s hard!


It is. The game gets very trial by fire on that mission. And then keeps it up for awhile. You might also consider dipping into multiplayer to save up some MRP to buy a different plane/weapon as needed. You get about 80-100K per MP match no matter how well you do, so it’e pretty easy to afford a bunch of planes early on.


Is there an easy mode for people like me? I know there’s an easy control scheme but that’s not what I want. Also, how annoying and constant are the missile warnings?


There is an easy mode. I have been playing on Normal.

The missile warnings are really carefully sound balanced actually to be noticeable but not annoying. They are constant, but it works well.