Thanks! Good news


any general advice for avoiding missiles reliably? my main tactic so far has been to G-Force turn or slow down and turn in a direction opposite to where the missile is coming from. this works…most of the time, but not always?

also, is there an official flight stick for this game, or just 3rd party stuff? and, is it compatible between all consoles, or console specific? i want to play in VR with a stick, but also i think i’ll probably get this on XBOX at some point and it would be nice to use the stick on that, too.


My general easy missile avoidance is “go fast and when they get close, make a big turn” and it works pretty well, at least on Normal in campaign mode. MP is a bit different, but that works pretty well in SP.

Also chaffing if there are a whole bunch that are close.


oh yeah, i keep forgetting chaff exists…


I’ll probably be the opposite. I’ll chaff until they run out and then forget that just flying around madly works too


I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to do on mission 10? I guess I have to follow missile trails back to SAMs, but don’t feel like I’ve come close to doing that fast enough? Is there a faster way than just memorizing where they are?


Nah that’s the right strategy. Prioritize enemy fighters when they try to intercept and go after the SAM sites during downtime.


Whoa, how do you know Burrito? He and I go way back.


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Amazon took their sweet time about it, I only just now got my AC5 code

also it told me to redeem it on the Microsoft Store? lol



Finished this last night, really dug it. I dunno if I was just finally getting back in the swing of things or if the late-tree planes make that much of a difference, but I was breezing through S-ranking the last few missions. I need to knock out the rest of the VR missions (they’re fantastic but exhaustingly dizzy) and go through 5 again but I’m really happy to see Ace Combat again.

Bring back Ridge Racer.


can you land the planes in VR free flight mode? did they go full Microsoft Flight Simulator 3000?


I’ve only done one mission so I’m not sure if free flight even exists in VR (there’s no reason it wouldn’t i suppose) but you do both the takeoff and landing in that one mission.

Apparently when you beat all three VR missions you unlock Air Show mode where you just stand around on an aircraft carrier watching planes do loop-de-loops over heard, sounds like a cute reward.


OK I’m buying it


currently going through the campaign again on Hard. VR will have to wait until my flightstick is here


I just played the first VR mission on hard before touching anything else in the game and I crashed on my first try landing the plane


Mission 10 really sucks the dogfight with the drone at the end is really hard but you’re never in danger of dying so it’s just suuuuuper boring and tedious


i can’t get past Mission 6. mostly because i just can’t last the whole time. i usually die around 10 minutes into it, and that’s enough to make it so i can maybe retry a few times before i have to quit and do something else.

how to get good…


just got straight C’s on the VR campaign on hard. I love how each mission is themed around a different subweapon and I really really love landing the plane afterward