Hey I can’t help it that they have style and feel self-conscious when they’re flying non-pretty warplanes


I agree that you cannot help that top USAF brass treats national defense as a matter of vanity



Well that tells us… Nothing :confused:


Pilots, report to base. The ACE COMBAT 7: SKIES UNKNOWN Season Pass is coming early summer 2019, with 3 original aircraft and 3 new missions. You will be briefed on every new release each month. Over and out.


Half the price of the game for 3 missions and 3 planes? That is… Less than compelling


Is that three new missions at once? Or one mission per month over three months?


but damn i do want 3 more missions


ace combat 4,5,zero,6…


Oh shit I should start playing 5 now that I beat 7


Is 6 any good? Not that I have any way to play it but I never hear anyone talk about it.


It’s good times, yeah. 360 exclusivity limited it, though. And just ignore the DLC skins market good god.


Well then that’s the first thing to make me kinda want an Xbox One X I suppose :confused:


Mission 6 is bullshit




I’m using it but I only figured out way late that the third special weapons are actually surface weapons. It’s kinda better to hit 4 targets instead of 1 or 2 as I did with the unguided bombs. So now I should make the points target. That sucked when I got through the 15 minutes and didn’t have enough points.

But I still keep dying. Maybe I need better armor or I just need to fly back to base halfway through the mission.

I’m playing on normal and this difficulty spike is pretty huge. I didn’t die or probably even get hit before this mission…

I’ll make it eventually. This try’s the one, I can feel it


Your allies fly off for the base on the left, but if you head right you can make a pass on that one, fly past to the far base which is pretty lightly defended, then loop around back to the first base you hit then head to the last one.

Take out SAMs with your missiles asap and don’t be afraid to use your flares if you’re getting chase by a missile right as your about to drop your bombs


Yeah but the points. If I go to the southern base first then I can get the bombers and F-16s as they’re taking off and they’re worth a lot. Or maybe they’re always just taking off whenever you get there?

I picked the F-14 for a change and it’s such a joy to fly. I don’t die with it. But I can’t get the points either. The AC-10 sucks, it’s so slow…

I’ve been playing this mission for hours I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time with it. If the rest of the game is like this I won’t enjoy it I guess… But I do hit replay every single time so I don’t know… I just want to get past this stupid mission and see


The F-16s don’t take off until you get there

You can blow em up on the ground if you’re quick about it, though I was never able to with the A-10


I actually beat that one with an F16 myself, so there is that option.