I’m at 10 or 11, it’s too intense / difficult to do more than one or two missions a night for me

I’m really glad they make such extensive use of weather gimmicks, they’re so well implemented


Only if you want to earn the campaign-specific medals (no damage, machine gun only, sub 4 hours). These can only be done in a continuous run, but on all difficulties


I hope this game significantly increases FromSoft’s confidence in putting resources toward armoured core VR


So, do enough free play/MP to get the gun homing/auto-fire upgrades then do a campaign run on easy

Not that I’ll ever do that but hey


I made sure to get the gun parts on my Hard run, then did an Easy run with the Fishbed (MGPs are allowed!). A bit of a hassle on ground attack, but dogfights are a lot of fun if you need to get very close to shred. And boy, do you shred with three guns.


yeah playing the VR campaign first was a good idea in terms of getting adjusted to how well the machine guns work (badly, but just well enough that you really want to use them when possible)


Been playing through this beautiful game over and over since it came out. Mission 13 probably has my favorite song.


OK I got my own unit and I am going to fuckin Stonehenge

saving up for that F35, gonna do what Obama couldn’t

hugely appreciate the diversity of missions in this, they made a huge toolbox and made sure never to reuse any of the combinations


I am still laughing from when I saw that you need to unlock the F-35C before the game will let you play as the F-22A.

they fuckin’ know


I don’t think the Flanker density has ever been this high and I love that the 37 now has a fucking long range laser.

Wish the Tornado and Nighthawk were in.


The F-22 is my favorite fighter jet… I so want to play this and zoom around in it


Btw this is what the A10 is packing, I thought it was a cool photo:


A friend and I joke at work about how people have mains in fighting games and Overwatch, we have mains in flight sims. Mine is a toss up between the A-10 on the practical side and the F14 on the impractical side.


I used to not like the A-10 because it’s so big and chunky and inelegant but it just sounds so awesome that I came around to it. The F-14 is certainly my first love but when the game F-22 Raptor came out I was just completely in love with it, to this day. I didn’t understand the F/A-18 love for a long time but Independence Day is cool I guess so sure

I’m happy that the Su-34 is in AC7! It’s just the most beautiful thing


much like the real life A-10, the A-10 in ace combat is your de facto bomber for almost every mission in which you need to fuck up ground targets because it’s a workhorse and nothing really replaces it


The F-35 worked well on missions where the 48 8AGMs were enough and I needed something more maneuverable to deal with air targets


congratulations, you have justified the pentagon’s decision to replace a dedicated bomber with a hybrid fighter plane

(that did seem to me to be the direction the game pushes you in, since the only other bomber is wayyy in the corner of the upgrade tree but a lot of routes lead to the F-35 as an upgrade)


There’s like, one or two pure ground attack missions. Is it that surprising that the game would push you towards a multirole fighter when most of the missions require a mixture of offensive capabilities?

I think a lot of the routes lead you to the F-35 because irl every country represented by the non-russian parts of the tree has either decided to stick with what they have or has settled on everyone’s favorite defense boondoggle


Yeah you and the USAF officer corps


True and still, when you get to the Raptor and its new guided bomblets, you don’t ever think about the F-35 again

Looking forward to finally play the VR campaign once this Hell Week is over