Okay after a little break I came back and finished mission 10 without much of a problem,so maybe it’s not so bad. The first part is cool, though I wish the enemy locations were random.

Mission 11 though! Might be my favorite one so far

It’s ground attack mission against a naval fleet and a couple of ground platforms that require powerful, precise side attacks to destroy. I thought that the the FA-18 I had been flying was kind of the perfect fit after buying the anti-ship missile special weapon. Taking out the navy went okay except that there were a couple AEGIS cruisers that kept shooting down my missiles. However the platforms were very hard to attack and I wasn’t able to get a passing score. I tried out the A-10 but it did much worse. Then I noticed that the other special weapon for the super hornet is a fucking railgun. It was fucking awesome and it was the perfect fit for the mission. It was really fun learning how to use it and I had a good time working on better scores. I got to the point where I took out almost every ground target which was very satisfying.

A nice refreshing arcadey stage after getting frustrated with 10


is it the same railgun as VR mission 3? because that thing is great, I was very skeptical that they were recommending a non homing weapon and I didn’t quite get how to use it at first, but it’s perfect for side attacks and it feels so good when you get a shot off


I haven’t tried the railgun yet, but yeah mission 11 is some fun as heck times. Also is totally the “just use the F18” mission, much like the first one you had to attack a big ground installation in was “dude the A10 is sweet, shut your mouth”.


Streaming some of my 100% clear endeavors at



im really enjoying playing a modern videogame with distinct levels. especially levels that im struggling with and have to keep repeating and have to leave to try again tomorrow.


Following up on letting my grandpa experience VR for the first time over the weekend by sitting him down with the VR mode: he totally loved it. He had trouble with the controls, which I was expecting since he’s basically never played a video game other than Solitaire, so instead he let me pilot the plane around via the social screen as he looked around and kept saying how awesome it was.

He’s still in my IMs two days later telling me how amazing it felt to be flying around like that.

It does feel really wacky that I only managed to beat the first VR mission while not wearing the headset though. :thinking:


That’s awesome. File under things that make life worth living



had this experience last night (I’m playing on hard and this was the first spike) and the solution is 100% just “use the A10”




mission 17 is tough. it’s the first time where my repeated failure is from taking damage rather than missing out on objectives.


mission 7 is when it hits you that this is like… the only full fledged, mission based, mech/flight semi-sim game of its quality for as long as modern shaders have been around


and I’m saying that as someone who liked verdict day more than anyone anywhere


The prep screens are sooooo good

Oh fuck I just realized that this is basically wing commander made by jet fighter nerds by way of afterburner

Listen to the awesome music that plays over the aircraft tree, it’s like a pc/arcade synth hybrid

(sorry, I couldn’t find a version with game sounds)


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further to this, my one major complaint is that there’s no easy option to retry a mission with a different plane (you have to quit and reload and skip the intro cutscenes) which is kind of dumb given how many missions are near impossible if you aren’t using the right class of plane?


At the end of each mission this game meticulously lists the exact aircraft shot down and when, and then lumps everything else into “ground targets”, no matter how unique or significant

This is a game about PLANES who cares about that boring shit on the ground


Play the current alpha here!

Apologies in the delay between major updates for Project Wingman. Things are going well for the development but it is taking slightly longer to do things as we’re finding new ways to give you the best experience possible for the eventual release.

We’ve mostly been working on other things other than Operation Blackout however, we don’t want to show too much too keep you surprised on what the campaign entails so here is an uncut gameplay of Operation Blackout in VR.

It’s currently running in UE4 Editor itself so the performance and framerate is slightly lower than intended compared to the packaged version. Currently it is running on medium settings.

Hopefully in the future, we can show you a few more things with the game overall improvements which some you may be able to observe in this video, and show more of Conquest mode once we’ve focused development on that aspect.


I beat the game last night! That last part was… Bullshit. But also very exciting, so I guess it works?

Is there any reason to restart the campaign vs just replaying missions individually?