Okay I beat it. I’ll watch my replay now and fucking relax. I’ll comment later


I didn’t see them, taking your route. Also no bombers taking off. Weird!

I had to do it the way the game wants you to to get enough points. First the base in the south, then north east of that, then the one in the west


I’m furious. Absolutely furious. Never been madder at beating a level in a videogame haha oh boy

It’s been a while since a videogame has gotten to me like this, I can hardly type


I got to 17000 points and IMMEDIATELY started running towards the home base because I was at 76% damage and another missile would have killed me. Just as one of the NPCs said something like “at least you’re not one of those that immediately return to base” lol


When I beat it I had to take off my shirt because I was so hot.

10/10 uninstall

If you want a game that gets your blood pumping this is it I guess

I never want to fly the A-10 again in my life, fucking pos

I’ll shut up now and try to play the next mission


lots of people funding the F35 project itt


The A10 is a thing of beauty and I will hear no suggestions to the contrary.


Hey I ain’t gonna kink shame, you do you.

Thankfully the following missions weren’t bad at all. The stuff with the sand was a bit tedious but I liked the thunder stuff and it was all good times. Had to use the A-10 again and it was alright, I’ve calmed down


Also playing on - /edit NORMAL /edit - here, and i had to switch back from my SU-33, which i’ve just bought, to the MIG-29… somy recommendation is:

save enough cash to be able to afford the Su-34, from then on it is just

death awaits you

style wrath that rains down on those poor bastards on the ground.

Ah yeah, almot forgot - comrad, just wanted to ask what’s that A-10 thing people always talk about, is that some highway code or what? :sunglasses:


my not so secret tip after four campaign runs is: when in doubt, run a fighter with PULSE LASERS and just unload on ground targets


Ooh yeah, like I said previously I want the Su-34. Badly. I’m not interested in any other Russian plane though so that kinda sucks going through that upgrade path knowing I’ll never use those. I’m so American at heart, brainwashed through and through by its beautiful war machinery


A-10 performs a close air support role, a function the Air Force provides for the Army. The Air Force chafes at this obligation and prefers to organize itself to perform independent bombing and anti-air campaigns. The Army would prefer to run its own A-10s but they are not allowed.

Slow and big, the A-10 has been obsolete against functional air defenses for decades. But the US hasn’t been fighting wars that involve real air defenses so it’s been extremely useful. The F-35’s roles include taking over close air support from the A-10, which it will be able to do in contested airspace, unlike the A-10, but it may not be able to do the low, slow strafing runs that work so well against ground forces.

The love, I think, comes from a bunch of grunt stories of getting saved by Warthogs run through the prism of the Air Force’s decades-long desire to kill the plane.

Background from an academic arguing the doctrines separation hurts more than helps which touches on this:

This has created an odd situation. The Air Force is most effective when operating in support of the Army, and least effective when carrying out its own independent campaign. However, the Air Force dislikes ground support. Its antipathy to tactical missions, for instance, is at the root of its repeated efforts to shed itself of the A-10 Warthog. The A-10 is a slow attack aircraft, extremely effective against tactical enemy targets. The Army loves the A-10, but because the aircraft contributes neither to the air superiority mission that the Air Force favors nor to the strategic mission that provides its raison d’etre, the Air Force has always been lukewarm toward the aircraft. Offers on the part of the Army to take over the A-10 have been rejected, however, as this would violate the Key West Agreement.

The author in another fora:

Put briefly, the A-10 performs a mission that, for cultural and bureaucratic reasons, the Air Force is not particularly interested in. For reasons sensible and not so sensible, the Air Force prefers aircraft that can perform the close air support (CAS) mission and also other missions, even if that means that means short-changing CAS. The USAF is willing to short-change CAS because a) it tends to believe that CAS missions put Air Force assets at the mercy of Army whims, and b) it tends to believe that CAS is a waste of effort compared to other missions that airpower can accomplish.
That said, I think that A-10 advocates have a tendency to overstate their case. It’s a wonderful plane, but the mission it was designed to perform (killing Soviet tanks) no longer exists, and in current technological and geopolitical conditions is unlikely to come back during the projected lifespan of the aircraft. The A-10 currently performs CAS in permissive environments (blowing up people who can’t hope to shoot it down), and it’s good at that mission, but it’s not difficult to imagine aircraft that are cheaper and that can perform that mission more effectively. However, because of the aforementioned reasons, no one believes that the USAF will develop or acquire such aircraft. Consequently, it’s the A-10 or nothing, and people seem to love the A-10.


The idea that the USAF would get rid of the A10 to go with something cheaper is pretty hilarious, given their spending habits.


“this warplane is a great deal”


I mean, if you want to really understand the A10 love…

Basically, it’s about the only plane the US military has for doing the shit it does, and dogfighting is something that doesn’t really happen much any more, so the USAF gets mad that it’s super neato planes have nothing to do, and the A10 has a higher kill count than all of them.


Speaking of dogfighting, I played quite a few multiplayer matches. I think no one’s really been talking about it here except as a means to get money for the campaign unlocks? It’s actually a load of fun by itself and I could see myself playing it more even after I’m done with the campaign. I didn’t want to try it out actually because I don’t want too much MRP and skew the campaign balance. But something told me to just do it.

I got shot down immediately in my first match so that was a fun introduction. It looked like I wouldn’t get a hit in at all but so far I’ve never placed last! And I even won a battle royale! I’m not too bad at this it seems. I still haven’t figured out the proper tactics and especially how to use G-turns effectively. Staying at high altitude and utilizing clouds seems to be the most important so far… I still don’t know the right attack vectors but I get the “most accurate” medal most of the time anyway. Flares are super important because it’s harder to dodge missiles. Especially QAAMs, those seem to get me the most.

The only thing I’d criticize right now is that matches are over too quickly… Maybe they could have increased match time and upped how many missiles and special weapons you get, so it doesn’t turn into a slog.


I wish they had like a competitive ground attack mode or something, pvp has never really been my jam


Honestly the romantic love for the air superiority mission is an even bigger problem. Like is there any credible argument that air to air combat should be handled by manned planes in 2019?


Play and find out! or hear people pretend to be philosophical about it, anyway. I still don’t know what they were blaming on the drones? That war was too easy to wage? That the drones would go crazy and self-replicate?


Can I be negative and admit that I absolutely hate the story? It’s the worst. I have to listen to passive aggressive speeches about prisoners’ lives not being worth a damn every briefing and it’s really grating. Doesn’t help that the rest of it doesn’t make any sense either.

But the cutscenes sure are pretty!

And the in-game chatter isn’t bad, it’s pretty pleasing actually. Most of the time.