look this is going to be a big deal. if we do a PS1 podcast for SB / DEEP-HELL dot com (cuz id put it up there so more people could hear it still) it couldn’t really be structured like the SNES exploration society or anything like that: the truism is that most PS1 games are so much bigger than SNES games that a week to play most just isn’t enough time

especially if we tried to get into some Xenogears shit. I dunno. this is mostly a brainstorming session: I wanna take the whole month of January and actually plan this out cuz theres enough people on the forum that wanna DEEP-DIVE (not the game) into the PS1 library and this might give us a chance to do it.

the first idea I have is seeing what everyone can bring to the podcast month to month: everyone declares something they’re gonna spend time with and then we kind of talk about it in an almost round table fashion

IDEA #2 WAS that we all kind of vote on a game at the beginning of the month and take some time to get as far as we can in it whatever way possible, and then talk about it


You could just release an episode very month, to give people the time they need. Not every podcast has to be on the same schedule.

Yeah, a month really gives people the right amount of time on this one to kind of get their feet wet with whatever they want.

as the poster who famously declared that the PS1 was the best games console ever made as far as one can rank games consoles I would be extremely interested in this

you should have a few months of just going through demo discs and playstation underground previews, I think the ISOs for those are findable (I made one from the pack-in disc for my playstation and have kept it since 1997 for posterity)

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paging @nocode

we were thinking about doing a xenogears stream. let’s fold all good things into one larger better thing?

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@meauxdal our dreams are coming true

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I never actually played xenogears but I’m not sure I’m going to start now

In any case I am very into psx-era jrpgs and I would be happy to commit to a bi-weekly or monthly cast or sharing a xenogears stream or somethin

OK but not just jRPGs please!!

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not really necessary it be xenogears. maybe have a xenogears centric episode, or a square JRPG episode or something, but we should maybe all bring something to the podcast that’s different each time outside of that? that’d make sure the most ground was covered.

unless we wanna be super, super specific about the games we’re representing

The snexploration format of one main topic or game/one curio per episode seems to work p well. Psx has a lot of curios


playstation is a small island of well-known games surrounded by a vast ocean of curios


yea? this is going to OWN

I think the first idea is the better of the two. I’d be interested (but like Felix, just not in Xenogears).

maybe have a term limit on what we can talk about too, so not everyone just immediately goes to like Metal Gear Solid or something - like how on the podcast we did for SB about platformers where nobody was allowed to mention Super Mario 64

how does everyone feel about the intro of the podcast being the playstation startup sound

Which one, the sce logo or the psx logo

the sce

One hundred percent down for that

really feel like maybe alternate for the whole year? a catch-all curio episode, then a themed episode. this gets people like me, who wanna do a xenogears month and people like felix, who IF YOU DIDN’T HAVE TIME FOR XENOGEARS WHEN YOU WERE IN HIGHSCHOOL WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU HAVE TIME FOR IT AS AN ADULT!?

and also maybe tobal can finally get the love it deserves…