The News Grandmaster 4000

“Inspired by the inspirations of a guy who is also our inspiration”


Someone post that page from “Even a Monkey Can Draw Manga” where they give the advice “if you’re ripping off Otomo, say you were inspired by Moebius”


Well I would make a video game of the Passenger but that is more or less every walking sim.

The sales data here is really surprising. I don’t mean that monhun is doing really well. I mean everything else.

Lots of games did not sell nearly as well as they did, in my mind.

I would listen to an album inspired by the bands that inspired Failure.

I thought you hated old movies with slow pacing

Different thread, but I love The Passenger.

Steam Link app coming to mobile platforms.

Curious to see how this works versus Moonlight.

I want a PC-to-Switch streaming app so bad.

can’t wait to still not quite want to buy a GameVice

oof, man Street Fighter V was not even mentioned.

I guess it is official now. Neato. 40 games, 3.5" + hdmi, controller ports. Western release has a lamer color scheme.


Colored buttons are cool. Whatever that pattrn is behind them is not.

Not really liking the white stick with the red ball top either; I prefer the simple black and dark gray Western version.
I wonder if the game lineup will be the same. The Marquees are different.

Holy shit

Coming out August 28. Can transfer save data from vanilla 3ds version. Did ANYONE have hope left for this?

Not gonna lie. I had left it for dead so this is a huge boost to my hype meter. This is kind of a big blow to me after alot of my stuff got ROUGE & VAGABOND’ed a few weeks ago including my 3DS so I can’t make use of the transfer feature.

I had a little hope, once MHW blew up like it did. But yes, so very hype now.

Feels like a year too late imo, surprised to see it come out in a world that already has uh, World.

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One thought I have to it finally happening is Nintendo getting ready for its pay for online service and needed a few more feathers in its cap that wasn’t Splatoon 2 or soon to be Smash to make it seem more valuable.

this cured my depression