The News Grandmaster 4000


i thought andromeda was decent!


the future: gaze into a bird butt

also i deeply hope the one at the top left is some kind of very elaborate “here comes the train!” baby feeding apparatus


Why has nobody made that game yet, Ryan Gosling Cereal Simulation VR Experience


Yeah, no, they were really clear and emphatic that it wasn’t actual China, just some completely made up place that borrow a bunch of vague Chinese culture. It feels a lot like an excuse to not bother actually examining Chinese culture or history or anything.


Ok, I think I saw Jade Empire as more specific than that in the number of quests based off specific folk tales I saw, and the core myth based rather closely around Jade Emperor stories.

I don’t know where the line in which pastiche is ok, though, because it’s certainly the norm we expect from mediocre culture – almost all Western fantasy is a potluck soup of Tolkein, Arthur, folk tales, and second- and third-generation blends of these.


This is dead ass just Google Cardboard/Daydream but like, Nintendofied


I was just thinking about how metroid prime would make a great VR game


jade empire is pretty cut & dry Exotic Orient bullshit. it’s not really defensible at all imo

and c’mon isn’t it obvious why western euro fantasy pastiche is OK and mining the culture(s) of historically stereotyped and disadvantaged groups isn’t?


I want an action RPG set during the 30 Years War


without Casey Hudson they’re a mess

for whatever reason only he was ever able to make their comic con version of D&D hang together


I’m sorry I’m being obtuse, I just don’t have a strong understanding of lines like this. Like I said, I caught enough specifics that it didn’t ring for me but my ear may not be great for it.

I probe on this every once in a while because I really don’t want to hurt people but am constantly pulling and integrated sources; while I have a conceptual understanding if I feel like I’m out of step on specifics I have general fears I’ll misjudge things.


I like the Ali Wong version of this one


Roller Coaster Tycoon VR: Fabio Edition

The bird realistically bloodies your nose for every goose you don’t dodge. Complete all the rides without your doctor finding out!


have the most enthusiastic blood potion i’ve ever given



Reposting here too because look at this insanity


PS4 Remote Play by iOS???


With no DS4 support! Or so I’ve heard.

Android is still locked to Xperia phones >:(


posting link for people who don’t want to look for it:

(it’s available in western stores too and the link will take you there, it was just the first link I found)


I’ve been using a paid third party app for this (that works great) called DS4Play or something for a year and a half already