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so y’know, it’s just fine! just gotta know how to start your console in safe mode and rebuild the data base, nbd


this has to just be a “the cooling on older PS4 is not adequate for a situation where both the CPU and GPU are pegged at 100% constantly, which otherwise never happens to this degree” situation, yeah?

because the PS4 really doesn’t like not shutting down cleanly and idk what else it can be

this makes me nostalgic for the PS2’s aggressively obtuse “sleep mode” which maybe was to have done something in the background but never did

you don’t get that kind of Sony engineering arrogance anymore


anthem, fallout 76, 666 murder murder jesus, the order 1886, all of these games are acts of violence against nature and the health/well-being of all living things

the fyre festival was like a reaching exploitation of workers and ja rule’s time. this is wasting god’s. enter the game waste


Convinced my ps3 60gb lasted as long as it did because the japanese ones would auto-shutoff if they got too hot.


did anyone play this? legend of legacy was kinda nice


consoles these days are basically indistinguishable from shitty PCs. you get reasonable price/performance ratios from a pure muscle perspective, with crappy everything else. early on in a console’s life the price/performance is a good enough deal to make that viable, late in the life span you’re just sitting on a piece of garbage. next gen I don’t even know that the launch day price/performance is going to be all that compelling.


Overload, the Descent-like made by the original team via a Kickstarter, was released and it was pretty good. Not great, nothing new, but a good Descent game.

Revival, the company formed to create Descent, sent out a Kickstarter update about an hour ago informing everyone that sales haven’t been great, and while they’re going to release the planned multiplayer, that’s about it for the group:

We founded Revival and built a team to make Overload, not really planning to create a lasting company that would build more games. We wanted to have fun creating a spiritual successor to Descent, and we’re very happy with the results.

We’re gratified by Overload’s strong user reviews and we love the community that has formed around the game. Nonetheless, sales have been disappointing and can’t justify much additional work on the project.

We’re gratified by Overload’s strong user reviews and we love the community that has formed around the game. Nonetheless, sales have been disappointing and can’t justify much additional work on the project.

We’re still spending time on Overload, but most of us have moved on. Roughly half the full-time team members are now working at Volition. (Props to Chelsea and Ed who leveraged their Overload experience into Associate Producer positions!) Luke is back to working full-steam at Radian Games. (Check out Scorcher, coming any day now!) Matt is working on ideas for a new (game-related) project. Mike had planned on loafing for several months and then deciding what to do, but suddenly and unexpectedly found himself rejoining Volition as General Manager.

Sooo yeah, that’s that.


not surprised, that one turned up on prime like two months after I bought it


It’s really frustrating to me that PC OEMs are so disinterested in the low end. You had a half-assed attempt at Steam Machines (including some from e.g. Dell that just plain had Windows) but nothing serious since ~2015 when, ironically, CPUs just fucken stalled out on perf. I have a friend I’m cobbling a PC together for right now and she is straight up going to have a circa 2011 CPU paired with a used 1070 from a guy who retired from the BTC mines.

It’s a failure of the prebuilt market that the cheapest way to get a PC competitive with consoles on price is to hit up craigslist for disused workstations and throw a “budget” graphics card in.


I don’t think this is necessarily a failure of OEMs as opposed to just, the direction that computer hardware has taken (the then-lowish end was a lot more compelling in like 2008-2010 due to the CPU and the GPU market of the day), nor that a PS4 is even now anywhere close to strictly worse than a PC (a lot of games get bad PC ports, a console only costs $200 and never has anything go especially wrong with it), and I’d say that’s actually significantly improved from last generation.

I am genuinely curious what Sony and Microsoft think they can do to motivate the next generation though because there really isn’t much there. Microsoft is I think straight up turning the Xbox into a bespoke cheap PC and vice versa which is a sensible enough move, but I’m not sure where that leaves Sony, because their 2020 console is going to deliver 2016 CPU/GPU performance and that will be that.


Did you see the stuff about the Microsoft store seemingly downloading the same packages as the Xbox version for State of Decay? The speculation is that they’re moving to making Xbox binaries run on Win10. Not ideal but if it gets us the improbably good emulators and fucken Halo (finally (jesus)) I’m down.


It’s the opposite direction: Universal Windows Platform apps can run on Xbox basically unmodified because they are both effectively just Windows 10 under the hood


Yes, but also it seems like they are working towards the opposite:


Literally just Son of Games for Windows Live. Who knows how many times they’ll need to try this shit before it actually takes off.


Halo tho. It makes no sense for them to very publicly (expensively?) retool the big ol’ Halo anthology unless they’re using it as some kind of beachhead product.

I am excited about it being accessible far and wide like the original PC version/demo of Halo CE.

The 360 emulator seemed like a weird flex until I saw copies of Skate 3 and New Vegas in bluray cases at Target.


I can not get over the mess that is this game

Every day there’s something new


the default level 1 abilities and weapons in anthem are actually stronger to use throughout the entire game (thereby making loot meaningless)

this is actually really interesting from a game design psychology perspective,

just making the numbers bigger made the players feel like they were making progress on a curve until they noticed this


sounds like a feature not a bug

make all loot meaningless

no more loot


I know exactly how they screwed up between damage increases and level scaling: you give lower-level characters a % boost to soften the straight stat detriment they’re at, but if you later change your numbers on the item itself, the level scaling can easily overwhelm the stat gain. Say you have items getting 5% stronger per level and you set the level scaling to be 3% boost per level under; if you decide later items should only get 2.5% stronger, you tripped it and now this happens. It’s tricky because the actual formulas are more like 10 different step-growth formulas applied across 80 levels or so and the numbers compound rapidly from deceptively slow bases.

Another issue they should have put safeguards around: item level vs character level. If you get sloppy mixing level scaling checks between item level and character level you can cause this as well.

WoW had this problem for a patch at one point and I had to build some tables to flash a big angry red so I didn’t trip the line, too.


this rules

I feel bad for poor bioware who everyone just wants to keep making fan expo knockoff joss whedon elf aliens and for some reason are doing this instead but I love every minute of it