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I’m not sure what’s supposed to look mechanically or narratively interesting in that trailer but the graphics are neat


Picking up from the last thread, let’s not forget MercurySteam got their grubby paws on Samus Returns which is why it looks so glossy and disgusting and lacks none of the atmosphere and dread that is the series staple.

So yea, the same thing they did to Castlevania, they’re now doing to Metroid.


oh my…


I think that’s what I dig the most


psychonauts is free for a day or so


I missed it previously, but River City: Rival Showdown (the RCR remake/revise) has a more firm US release date of ‘November’ now.

Also hot secret Saturn prototypes via the best website:


animal crossing X deadly premonition, the… doomed(?) kickstarter analogue.


Oof. Yeah, as much as I want The Good Life to happen, I’m in no position to pick it up right now, and I’m pretty nervous about that funding level versus the campaign due date…


wow im glad the minimum investment amount is only $100 now


Actually, I don’t think there’s a minimum, despite that text. The lowest reward tier is currently $29.00, and they just met some vote threshold to add lower dollar value rewards as well.


Someone only waist deep in 4chan filth would recognize that.


Precisely. I suspect someone on the dev team (the no doubt absurdly large dev team) snuck that in as a dog whistle.

I recognized it because I followed all of the Charlottesville goings ons on Twitter. In the Trump era we are all waist deep in 4chan filth.


I saw an official comment from Bungie the other day, which boiled down to roughly “we recognized it was a meme but when we evaluated it we didn’t realize it was a white supremacist dog-whistle meme,” and I’m not sure if I like that explanation. It’s not like “translating” these memes has been particular difficult, um, ever.


Mm, you can either invest to get a share of the profits later on (min $100) or spend $29+ and get a copy of the game


I would wonder when this review happened - if it was more than a year ago, there’s a good chance that a perfunctory google wouldn’t answer this question very well. Not to provide excuses, but I like to think that an entire organization didn’t think “oh yeah let’s go with this white supremacist meme”


A lot of current white supremacist dogwhistles started out as nerd/chan-culture dogwhistles (see the late Pepe), and that one looks pretty generically 4chan-ish. Like, I can see looking it up and thinking that’s so clearly what it is you don’t need to go further.

Of course, at this point the burden of proof is on demonstrating that a dumb meme isn’t neoreactionary propaganda, because everything is fucked.


If you donate $100 to the Good Life shame on you because we have a perfectly good homegrown Select Button original miserable rich lady sim and it’s going to be way more “real” than anything that costs $1.5mil to make.

Send me money instead. Or give me blood potions, which are almost as good as money. No profit sharing unless you invest real money though sorry.


it says HISTORICALLY ACCURATE so I assume the game ends when Our Hero runs into someone wearing full plate and great walloping chops with a sword don’t get him anywhere